Monday, February 28, 2011

Pink is 'expected'! H's theme : Red, Green, White, and Blue!

Alhamdulillah, mummy's hajat to prepare baby H's nursery dah almost ready.. Sangat2.. :) Yes, keje yang tergendala for the past few months.. Mummy tried so hard to finish up all the planning and stuff dalam masa terdekat, and alhamdulillah dapat juga fulfill sket2 my dream for my baby H.. :)

Yup, last 2 days memang hectic sangat, and with the help from daddy (and Aidan too.. ahaks!), baby H's room dah turned out to be just like what i imagined it to be.. So, cute and the best part is, so vintage! :) I refused to go for 'pink'.. Yup, i am expecting a girl, but i love for her room to be different.. We decided to go for Green, Red, White and Blue.. :) And the combination of colors do so much wonders.. :) So, nice, so chick! :) So ME?? Hahaha.. Takper lah, since H is still a baby, biarlah mummy sibuk2 make my dream room a reality first kay?? Hahaha.. :P

Ohhh, yes, next week is gonna be my last day at the office, before i bid Nad and my boss GOODBYE!! Hehehe.. I am going to have my break quite early as adviced by my doc.. I should get enough rest within that period, and maybe able to prepare myself physically, and mentally before my EDD.. :) And yes, maybe spend my time with few projects for my coming baby, and yes, classes with my Dan Dan.. Oohhhh, how i miss my days at home, playing one bz housewife.. Hehehe.. Tuh la, dulu bila tak keje, miss nak keje, bila keje, miss nak stay rumah jaga anak2.. Hehehe.. Tapi bila dah lama2 duduk rumah, start lah dia rasa gatal sana sini, tak boleh duduk diam.. Alamat, baik lah keje and help my family apa yang patut.. :)

Okie dokie.. Can't wait for next week, and say hi, to 2 1/2 or should i say 3 months break?! :) Haiza, i am entitle for 3 months break gak.. Wakakaka.. Yeepee yay yay!!
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