Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks to you Dr Norleen!

Alhamdulillah, on the 17th of March 2011, mummy selamat gave birth to my baby girl, Hessa.. Thanks to all DEMC staff, yang banyak tolong mummy and sabar ngan mummy.. Hahaha.. During my contractions, memang mummy tak dapat nak act all cool.. Hahaha.. Siap ada adegan terjerit sket.. Wakakaka..

Especially to Dr Norleen, my new gynae, mummy thank her so much, sebab being all supportive and very helpful during mummy's stay in DEMC.. I shall send some token of appreciation to each department.. :)

My experience this time, during operation, sama jer like masa Aidan, just that, ofcoz mummy still nervous and pray real hard for things to work out right.. Mummy was admitted the night before, and i was advised to wait patiently di labour room terus.. Yup, due to my rapid contractions and very strong ones lak tuh, i was all helpless.. The midwive did some test on me, and she too agreed that my level of contractions like really strong but pintu rahim still tak nak buka.. Can you imagine the pain?? Huhuhu.. :P

Thank God, Dr Norleen memang ada patient to attend at 6 in the morning, terus the midwive advice mummy to think hard if mummy nak proceed with operation saja, sebab alang2 Dr Norleen dah ada di OT that very morning.. Mummy terus pandang daddy and we decided to proceed jer with operation, sebab kalau nak tunggu2 lagi, memang tak sure how many hours lagi mummy nak tunggu di labour room, and the pain lagi.. huhuhu..

At 8 macam tuh, mummy dah pun queue dalam OT, with my heart beating oh so fast sebab terbayangkan jarum epidural, and my first experience with Aidan.. Wow, memang nervous habis.. Hehehe.. But for you my princess, mummy doa and tawakal banyak2 so that mummy and Hessa selamat saja.. :) Alhamdulillah, everyone dalam OT semuanya very supportive and bagi mummy rasa calm jer.. Around 8. 36 am, mummy dengar anak mummy nangis, and that i saw her for the first time.. :) Mummy senyum jer, but i was told that tali pusat Hessa dah pun terbelit leher dia.. Nasib baik mummy cepat2 decide nak operate jer.. Alhamdulillah.. Mummy's instinct kot.. :)

Currently, all 4 of us ada di rumah Opah, since mummy akan pantang di sini dulu sampai mummy kuat sket.. Then only akan balik sambung pantang di rumah.. :) Thanks to my siblings, especially Mak Ngah sebab tiap2 pagi akan datang rumah, tolong mandikan Hessa.. :) Thank you so much, Mak ngah! :)

Thanks again to all yang banyak support mummy, the family, in laws, friends, and ofcoz daddy for being there for me.. Love.. love.. love! :)

Some of the pics taken.. Hessa with cousins.. Hessa is Opah's 34th grandchild and Tokba and Tokma 4th grandchild.. :)

Hessa with Tokma and Mamayong.. :)

So fragile my little Hessa.. :) I love you baby!

Some of the gifts she got.. Thanks everyone! :)

Thank you Aunty Aiza.. Aunty Aiza is daddy's cousin.. Anak Tokngah, who is also Opah's friend back in Alor Star.. Thanks for the visit Kak Aiza.. :)

Thank you Aunty Evie.. Love love.. )

Thanks Aunty Nomie.. :)
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