Friday, April 1, 2011

S. U. S. U challenge!

Here, i share my experience with other mummies or upcoming ones.. Happy sharing, as sharing is caring! (Nurin's fav sentence now.. :)) Hehehe..

*Sigh, both of my kiddos memang sama2 ada challenge nih..


Being a premature baby that had to stay in the incubator for almost a month, and bila keluar jer, mummy dah pun mengalami masalah 'kekeringan' and ofcoz the next best thing is formula.. :) Dapat juga mummy bekalkan Aidan few bottles masa dalam incubator, walaupun lepas tuh memang terus kering.. :) After that, macam2 susu mummy cuba sebab my son had this difficulty to digest susu yang dia minum, Aidan would ended up muntahkan balik or that his stool jadi keras.. *Sigh.. Bila ingat balik that moment, rasa kesian sangat my baby boy sorang tuh.. Bila stool keras, mummy would for sure helped him, by raising both of his feet, and tunggu until the stool keluar, and maybe put some vaseline for the stool to easily 'popped'??.. hehehe.. Trust me, it works! Alhamdulillah.. :) From this brand to this brand, last2 sekali we found the best of the best! Mamex GOLD really yummy and sesuai sangat! :)) I recommend this brand to all mummies.. :) Easy to digest and help the stool too.. :)


Rezeki anak perempuan mummy.. Since Hessa keluar on time, and that most of her system dah pretty much matured, Hessa dah pandai latch and stuff.. Unlike Aidan sebab his system tak really ready masa tuh.. And being close to mummy, Hessa up until now BF.. Alhamdulillah.. :) Harap2 this time dapat BF lama sket, sebab susu ibu memang yang terbaik.. :) Still, last 2 days mummy plak asyik with this and that, sedar2 jer makan lambat, and terus production on that day kurang sangat.. *Sigh.. Takut sampai malam kering, i suggested for us to stand by with formula.. But then Mamex plak takder, and i chose another brand.. And this brand memang tak sesuai for Hessa.. Like Aidan, Hessa muntahkan semua balik.. The next day, mummy cuba lagi, and sekali lagi dia muntah.. I guess, formula tuh pun berangin kot, and my baby girl tiba2 jer perut kembung and stuff.. Thanks to Dr Cheng, sebab bekalkan mummy Colic Drop, and it did wonders sebab now, Hessa dah okay, and yup, Mamex menjadi pilihan sekali lagi.. :) Mummy mix BF and Mamex GOLD.. Alhamdulillah up until now, semuanya okay.. :)

RECOMMENDATIONS : Colic Drop and MAMEX GOLD! Oh yeahhh!

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