Monday, May 30, 2011

Our LONG Sunday! :)

Hello Monday!!

It's nice to see you again! (Are you sure?? :P) Kekeke.. Nope, nope, no Monday blues for me.. Hahaha.. I had a pretty 'NICE' sleep last nite (the fact that last nite was the first nite i trained my little Hessa to drink her milk from the bottle - not that Hessa doesn't use her bottle, but she only use it on weekdays, when mummy is not around.. :) but during nite time, memang mummy tak pernah gunakan bottle) THE RESULT: last weekend, Hessa dah start tunjuk tanda2 nak jadi clingy with mummy.. Huhuhu.. Both siang and malam.. :P

Not saying that i tak prefer BF, i am all up for it, just that when Hessa becomes clingy and all, susah mummy nak buat keje, especially nak kemas rumah.. Whenever mummy nak concentrate on things, Hessa would cry and cry.. Macam tak kenyang, but bila mummy BF Hessa, kejap jer dah nak tido balik, and later after 10-15 mins, kadang2 nangis balik.. Pity her, and pity mummy too.. Huhuhu.. Not saying that my supply tak cukup for her, i guess more than cukup.. (the fact that her weight naik lagi 1 kg bulan nih, yes, she is now 5.7kg.. :)) Hmmm, yes, she just want mummy to be around her like 'selalu'.. Huhuhu.. Pity my baby, mummy nak kena buat itu ini.. :(

Okay, enough about BF, as i am NOT whining pun, biasalah it's just a phase that my Hessa is still in, and later she will be just fine.. And BF is certainly not a bad thing, just that i need to train her to only BF when we are at home and preferably, only at nite.. Siang, it's Tommy Tippee time! Kekeke.. :P

Okie dokie, back on how we spent our weekend.. Actually, minggu ni mummy nak sangat bawa anak2 mummy jalan, and the fact that daddy's cousin pun nak datang tido di rumah, mummy lupakan jer lah hasrat tuh.. Hehehe.. And tiba2 teringat both my kiddos yang ada appointment with Dr Cheng for their jab, terus we decided to head to Tokba's jer, and told Aunty Jiha to come and stay with us next weekend.. Sorry Jiha, terpaksa cancel with Jiha, Kak Sara had to bring them to see their paed.. Next week kay?? :) It was a very nice Saturday, since dah lama tak balik rumah Tokba, and everyone was there.. :) Tokma made her famous steamed fish, and oh so yummy! :)) (we want more, we want more..) kekeke.. :)

As for our Sunday, it was a long one.. My goodness, and sunny too.. Or should i say 'hot'?? Yes, so hot! We couldn't even proceed with our plan to do some gardening in the morning.. (ooh, i just love the new look of my garden.. :) thanks achik ita!! mmuax! ) I did some house chores, and in the evening, daddy decided to bring us for a swim.. Off we went to our Clubhouse, and seperti biasa, the most excited person was Cik Dan! :)) Kekeke..

Nothing much, just few pics of Aidan, Hessa, Achik Ita and Daddy @ Cahaya SPK Clubhouse pool.. :)

Daddy, waiting to bring Aidan into the pool.. :)

Achik and Hessa.. :) Later Hessa besar sket, kita swim kay?? This time, let the boys and Achik enjoy dulu.. :)

Aidan- daddy time!! :)

Now, they decided to try the bigger pool, for adults.. and Aidan loved it!! :P

Achik Ita enjoyed herself in the pool as well.. :)

Love this pic.. How close their bond is.. :)

Love the view.. :) Nope, you can't see our house from here, kalau boleh kan best?? :)

Let's go GREEN!! Love2.!!

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