Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I want these!! :)) Super cute!

And these too.. :))

First raya berempat, and how to make it sweet???

Hi, lagi entry to promote new blog that i just fell in love with.. Hehehe.. I just love buttons.. :)) To those who knew me back then, memang tau yang i suka things like buttons, stickers, felt fabrics, and anything yang kalau i tengok jer, i rasa i can make something out of it.. Suka sangat!

Okay, so this year is gonna be our first raya with baby Hessa.. Last year, we went all 'blue' just to celebrate Dan Dan, and we just love our raya studio pics and i definitely love how Aidan posed with his baju melayu.. Soooo handsome! :)) So, this year, daddy decided to go for something sweet.. Perhaps we gonna find pastel colors baju melayu and kurung, in celebrating our dear Hessa lak.. Hubby did mention about out color theme for this year.. he went 'pink' and i tried to imagine myself in pink (mak aiiii) and 50% of me agreed only if i manage to find 'my pink' - pink color that suits me! hahahaha.. So far, we haven't prepared anything for us and also.. Aidan.. But i did get lil Hessa cotton fabric (so cute!), light purple color, with colorful flowers (so cute!-again!!).. :) Hehehe..

This cotton fabric for Hessa is gonna be really sweet (if only i can find somebody to make one nice baju kurung for her, or i make her one myself later (praying that it will fit her nicely, or at least tak terbertas di pagi raya.. hahahaa).. I decided to use shapes buttons as part of the decorations on her baju kurung.. Now, should i make baju kebarung for her instead, so that i can use a lot of that sweets shaped buttons on that kebarung?? Hmmmm.. (*scratching myself on the head, fikir lak camner nak come up with baju kebarung for lil kid.. :P hahaha)

Yes, memang sekarang ramai yang guna colorful buttons or flower shaped buttons for kids.. But i really wanted to try something different, like baju kebarung with different shapes of buttons, e.g: the theme for the kurung is : Baby - so the buttons they have put together are, baby shaped buttons, balloons shaped buttons, mittens and booties, romper, milk bottle and a lot more.. So cute kan?? And if the theme is 'Sweets', dalam satu plastic, u can get few buttons of ice cream, cakes, cupcakes, and a whole lot more.. Super cute!

For the time being, Hessa has 'sweets shaped' buttons.. And looking for more opportunities to use other theme of buttons lak.. :) Memang rambang mata bila tengok all the buttons and thanks to akak Button for being so patient with me.. Memang tak tau nak pilih yang mana.. Hehehe.. I got Hessa's name- alphabets too, so that boleh jahit kat plain t-shirt which i think will be as sweet.. :))

Okay lah, i leave you with the blog add, go and buy some.. You can change the butang at your kids baju melayu or kurung and replace it with the themed buttons.. As for Aidan, i got her few buttons on different types of 'ball', and i can't wait to sew them.. Mesti dia suka.. :) And it would be awesome if mummy can sew the same button as Hessa's on my kurung, and prehaps on my kerongsang tudung too.. :)) Hehehe.. Okay, the blog.. Check it out! Beli tau.. :))

The blog : http://buttonplanetent.blogspot.com

I bought these for Aidan.. And showed him.. He hold them and smile.. Suka la dia.. :) Priceless smile.. :)

And for lil Hessa.. The colors of the sweets are same with the colors of the flowers on her kurung.. :)) Loving them!!

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