Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SPK Cahaya Clubhouse and other facilities are ready now.. Yup, another reason for me to head for gym and perhaps have some Splish Splash with 2 of my kiddos!! :)

Here are some pictures of our clubhouse and its facilities.. Yup, they are ready to be used, now.. :) Cool playground for kids, swiming pool, badminton and squash courts, gym and a whole lot more.. Yup, we even have hair salon and a small convenient store.. :) I don't see any laundry services yet.. Hmmmm.. :)

Basically all facilites are divided into 2, for adults and kids.. Like the playground, we have two kind.. The first one is for kids Aidan's age, and the other is for kids 5 years and above i guess.. So, safety first! :) Same goes to the swimming pool.. :) Lepas ni, memang kena all about about getting fit! Chewaaahhh!! :P

I took Aidan and his cousins for a swim and he seemed to love it.. Oh yes, tak yah lah nak citer about bab mandi manda ni, memang dah kesukaan Aidan from baby lagi.. Mandi is fun, fun, fun!! :) He even refused for me to hold his hand, and prefer to lompat terjun dalam pool.. Huhuhu.. *Scary!

Some photos of the clubhouse and it's facilities.. :)

p/s: Fadd, if you read this, jom bawa Kazim!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Playground for kids Aidan's age.. :) Ooooh, yang tengah duduk tuh, Eynda! Hehehe.. Another blogger who is also my dear neighbour! :) Eynda, say Hi, cepat.. :P

For those 5 years and above.. :)

All of us yang sibuk melayan si kicik.. :)

Actually teman Achik nak tanya pasal vacancies di Clubhouse.. Lega, when they asked her to come for an interview.. :) Hopefully dapat.. :)

Daddy and son! :))

All smiling.. Look at that happy face!! :)

Daddy said "Stop", sebab mummy tengah ready nak snap picture.. Hehehe.. :)

And mummy dapat captured this pic.. Loving it!! :)

That is Kak Yun, my senior back in Asma.. Rupa2 nyer, dia pun my neighbour.. Hehehe.. Gambar dari belakang plak.. Kekeke.. :P

Nice tasik scenery.. :)

Swimming pool for adults.. :)

Jom hubby, kita swim2.. :)) Susah nak ajak daddy do such activities.. :P Hehehe..

For kids.. :) Jom Dan Dan and Tessa!! :))

NICE!! Jom, jom beriadah! Wahhhhhh! :P

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