Friday, May 20, 2011

We love having you here, Achik!!

Yeahhh, our Achik is here with us.. The 4 of us are so happy that she decided to spend her 1 month- short- break at our place.. Aidan too memang manja ngan Achik Ieta, as Achik is really good at handling kids.. Tau jer how to win their hearts, and for sure she does win Aidan’s heart.. Whenever they play together and suddenly Achik hilang sekejap nak minum and what not, this little fella would call out for his ‘Achik’ which sometimes keluar ‘Achik’ and other times terkeluar ‘A-diii’ – I guess a smart combination of ‘Achik’ and ‘Daddy’.. hahaha.. maybe dengan harapan both Achik and Daddy would come to him, kot.. :P

Achik’s determination to help us out with our garden dah start ‘nampak dah.. nampak dah..’ kekeke.. That’s what I would say to her when she helped me out arranging the plants that we bought 2 days ago, and her idea to place the stone and pebbles.. Yup, it’s nice to do things on our own, and for her to help me out in my garden would for sure leave nothing but sentimental values.. Love love..

Oooh, pictures of us, outing and her project at our place.. Sikit2, InsyaAllah it would turn out pleasant.. Thank you, Achik!! :))

Achik with kids.. Layan.. :)

It's nice to see him, playing or at least, interact with other kids his age.. Macam dah boleh pegi school jer nih.. hehehe.. *hints!

The best part about our outing, walaupun jalan kat Toys'r'Us, Aidan tak minta apa2 pun.. :) Good boy! Mungkin sebab dah ada mini Toys'r'Us kat rumah.. hehehe.. semua toys dapat masa 1st birthday.. Thanks all.. Memang stock 1 year! :))

Unlike Aidan masa kecik2 dulu, my Hessa tak berapa enjoy berjalan.. Ada gak bunyik2, coming from our adik.. Hehehe.. Waktu Aidan dulu, he would sleep the whole time kalau bawa masuk mall.. :P

Daddy.. :)

Achik Ieta.. How we love her.. :)

He is daddy's son.. Now, where's my daughter?? Kekeke.. :P

.... and we came across this?? MY GOD!! Nakkkkkkk! Huhuhuhu.. Nangis tengok price tag.. :P

... oleh itu, jom tangkap satu lagi gambar, buat kenangan, or maybe i can come up with one, my own.. Kena la carik kerusi2 lama, nampak gayanya ni.. hehehe..

Achik's project..

Wahhhh, bersih dah few spots at our lawn.. Berkat usaha achik, menjadi petani moden, katanya.. hehehe.. :)

This part, daddy's project lak.. Nak mencangkul and all.. :)

Achik with her imagination on how to make the pathway looks nice.. :)

Playing peek- a- boo with my son.. He sure loves it!

I don't really favor the artifial wood look.. Silap pegi beli, ingat nampak betul2 wood.. Harap2 later, bila dah dusty and all, it will look great! :)

Wait for the final look.. We just can't wait.. Thank you, achik! :))

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