Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can't wait for September! Aidan's Splish Splash Party, and my son is turning 2, guys!! Yeahhh!

We are still here, guys!

Hehehehe.. Yes, we are!! :)) Thanks to my followers and dear readers that keep on supporting my blog, tanya i, bila nak update blog and what not, although blog ni biasa jer.. It's all bout my kids, and few promotions here and there.. Kekeke.. :)

Huhuhu.. Not that i don't have time to update my blog, but my time is very limited now.. Yes, super busy mummy! Kekeke.. Siang, keje.. and malam, will for sure try to spend as much time as possible with 2 of my beloved kiddos! Yer lah, bila pagi jer, have to send both of them to Shah Alam or KJ, and petang bila dah ambil, my Aidan (especially him) akan tertido dalam kete, sampailah balik rumah, and sometimes tuh, terus tido until the next morning.. Erg! Kesian my son, tak sempat nak really spend quality time with mummy and daddy.. And other times, berjaga sampai pukul 12, buat mummy and daddy tersengguk2 ngantuk and keletihan.. kekeke.. :( Hessa plak lain ceritanya, she would wake up twice every night (erg, early morning!) at 3/3.30 in the morning and later at 5.30/6.. Huhuhu.. Yup, dah beberapa minggu macam tuh, her feeding time is always punctual.. and one easy baby she is, right after feeding, terus tido balik.. She is not a cranky baby, and i loike!!! :)) tihihihi..

Memang banyak yang nak update, on Aidan and Hessa's video, family photoshoot, Fushion Tea (oooh, Kak Fair! sorry lambat..), my DIY projects for Aidan's upcoming birthday party, DIY projects for wall decor at home (my tastes and likes for sure.. :)), promoting also, Artistry by Amway (my beloved neigbour- Kak Sham's business and she has a beautiful garden, ok??), Kazim's Cowboy Party, Banawi Studio's beloved customers! and etc2.. :)) Banyak kan?? Haaaaa.. i shall update one by one later on..

Till then, i leave you guys with these songs! Hahaha..

Happy Wednesday all!!

Why these songs?? These are the songs, that Aidan currently love to sing.. He went 'k- ching x3' and 'b- bling x3' bila dengar lagu Price Tag!! kekeke.. Other songs that he loves to sing are (J- Lo's latest hit song tuh - mummy pun tak sure the title of the song, and Pulanglah by Awi Rafael - he went 'Aku.. aku..') Hahaha.. such a romantic at heart- person la Cik Dan ni.. Kekeke.. :P

p/s: Don't blame us, bukan kitorang yang ajar Aidan suka love songs tau.. Buat camner, this little boy, dalam hati, ada taman! Kekekeke.. :P

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