Sunday, June 19, 2011

ICT Snow Walk, and say hello to Aunty Jeha!

Pending entry on our visit to ICT Snow Walk 2 weeks ago.. :)

Last school break, hubby's cousin Aunty Jeha decided to come and stay with us, and due to my hectic working schedule, she stayed with us only for a nite, and after that, followed my in laws to PD.. :)

We brought her and Achik Ita to ICT Snow Walk and to treat our kids (Hessa- 5 minit oun tak sampai) since, it was the first time Aidan entered such place.. Last time masa kat Genting, we did walk right infront of their Snow Place, but decided not to enter just yet, sebab the place is small, and it seems like Aidan won't enjoy it that much.. But ICT ones, is different.. Go and check it out, yourself.. :)

Pictures below are a little bit blurry, since camera mummy dah habis batt lak, and we only used unty Jeha's mobile, just to capture the whole thing.. Thanks Aunty Jeha.. :)) Mmuaxx!

Okie dokie, pictures, pictures, pictures.. :)) Ooohh, before that, during school break, the ticket was RM 15 for adults, and kids Aidan's age, memang free! Hehehe.. But for normal days, the ticket is RM 25 per head.. :)) Daaaa!

Look at my son, he was all in pink! Kekeke.. Blame the rental guy! :P Kekekeke..

Me and Achik Ita.. :))

Look at me.. Awkward! Since the jacket is big, macam kelakar how this picture turned out.. Kekeke..

Love.. love.. love.. :))

Mummy and son time.. How i love my little buddy.. :))

I really hopw that she had fun, and it's good to receive comment from her on FB, saying thank you for making her happy! No sweat, Jeha! :))

Freezing cold! Like, seriously.. Huhuhu..

He sure had FUN!! BIla keluar, nak masuk balik.. Camner tuh?? Hehehehe..

My second time, and his first time, riding a horse.. :))

I love this picture.. We decided to wear our family personalized t shirt.. For daddy, mummy and kids! :))

Yes, get yours @ Banawi Studio.. Add them @ facebook.. :))

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