Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catching up with my girls.. Congrats my dear, Lina!

Congrats again Aunty Lina.. You looked stunning, my dear..!

Ooooh, Aunty Lina is mummy's BFF and she just got married to Uncle Hadi.. :) One nice, beautiful wedding ceremony, where all the girls wore 'purple'! Nope, we didn't plan for it, but when we said BFF, we usually have the same mindset (maybe that's why!).. Kekee..

I love my darlings so much, and it was great to see them, and Aunty Lin (as usual) would be there for mummy (may it be lending her ears, and even kejar Aidan sana sini.. hahahah) Thanks Lin! I love you, love you, love you!! I will cherish our 1-1 time at the pool.. It was great to see and talk to you, after all this while.. :) Ohh, Aunty Lin sekarang tinggal di JB, and once in a while jer boleh jumpa.. Sedih.. :(

Okie dokie, pics of us, and the kids too, during Lina's wedding getaway.. :)

As usual, i'm the shortest.. Duhh! :P Sweet kan, when the 3 of us wore purple that day.. :))

Lepak session with Aunty Lin, at that time, she was teaching Aidan how to play Angry Birds.. hahahaha.. :)

My Hessa, being all adorable.. She was really exhausted since it was her first time to travel that far, yes, Kuantan pun jauh what?? kekeke.. :P

Our passion that we share together.. Makan makan and more makan! :)

Okay, AND this is his passion.. Swim! :))

His life guard, Super Daddy! Yes, his best friend for sure! Best BUD!

Congrats again Lina and Hadi!!
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