Friday, July 8, 2011

ECX, here is your biggest fan ever.. Cik Dan (having fun infront of the TV while waiting for ECX's turn to perform)!! :P Kekeke..

Nahhh, we didn't get the chance to see them LIVE, but we sticked to our TV jer, and watched our kiddo imitated them.. Sweet!

Now scream...!! Elecoldxhot!!

Congrats ECX for winning this year's Showdown (2011)!! You totally deserved it!!

Yes, we are the biggest fan ever.. Looking at them, young talented dancers, makes me feel like dancing! :)) Aidan too just love watching S2011, and sometimes would danced along with them (although his version, more to lompat2) hehehe.. :)

Why them?? Yes, watch these (some of their performances that i love so much, especially, the Rock Week, whereby they danced to Meet Uncle Hussein's " Lagu Untukmu!" BRAVO!!

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