Friday, July 15, 2011

Mmmmmm... Arrrgghhhhhh!! - Hessa

Yes, she is one easy baby to handle, with a BIG.. BUT!


She doesn't like to travel long distance, unlike Aidan during his 'baby' time.. Aidan would sleep throughout the journey.. :) Hessa, kalau lama2, would start to make sounds, and nowadays, dia tak nak duduk atas riba (if mummy decided to feed her), dia nak mummy pegang dia sambil dia berdiri.. and nak tengok mummy, pastu senyum2.. How funny it is, bila mummy bagi Hessa duduk, Hessa start buat bunyik2, and menjerit 'ARRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!', and bila mummy angkat bagi berdiri, and pandang mummy some more, this princess of mine, boleh lak senyum and sometimes tergelak2.. Kekeke.. :P Still, sometimes we let her be in her own car seat, sebab nak biar biasa dari awal.. :)

She is very punctual! What mummy is trying to say is that (positive sentences, ahaks! :P) Hessa would love for her milk to be ready whenever she wants it.. Tak boleh lambat2 buat susu, she would cry like.. soooooo LOUD! Got some yelling sikit2 here and there.. 'AARRRRGHHHHHHHHH!!' Still, after Hessa kenyang, she would close her eyes, and tido.. Sometimes jer, i need to pamper or cuddle her.. But most of the time, she would sleep by herself.. Bila malam and Hessa terjaga, then only she would love for a hug and cuddle2.. :))

She doesn't like to baring anymore.. She would love to seat in her car seat sambil tgk TV.. Hehehe.. Yes, her car seat, sebab support purposes.. Hessa is not yet ready to seat in her BUMBO.. Daddy would let her seat in her car seat sambil tengok TV, ala2 macam pegi tgk wayang plak.. Kekeke.. :P Kalau bagi baring, she would make some noise, and more noise.. :) And ofcoz, more 'AARRGGHHHHHHHH!!'

BUT, when mummy asked Opah, she would say that Hessa rarely make noise, as she would take her milk, and sleep! Well, mungkin Hessa tau kot, bila mummy and daddy ada, it's time to be a little bit 'manja'.. Huhuhu.. :) Still, we HEART you, baby!

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