Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shhhhhhhhh.. my buddy is sleeping.. Shhhhhhhhhh.. :)

Calling for backups!!

How funny just to think about it.. Yesterday, Gee (Aidan's babysitter) told me that Aidan skang dah pandai mengadu! Huh?? Bukan mengadu apa.. Hehehe.. My sister bought Nurin a bicycle for her birthday, and being one curious boy, Aidan suka plak panjat2 and imitate Nurin apa Nurin buat, like pegang the handle and what not.. But, since he is still small in size, agak susah for him to ride it, and actually tak move pun.. Hehehe..

Nurin pun asked him to get down, since she wanted to show him how to ride the bike properly.. But being one excited boy, he refused to let go off the bicycle.. Wahhhh! Kesian anak mummy, teringin rupanya.. Hehehe.. He knows that he is still small to fight for the bicycle, and quickly called up Gee.. He went "Gee!!!!!"

Gee heard this and quickly ran after him, and asked him "Kenapa, Aidan?"

This little fella went "Gee.. Aidan, Aidan!!" - sambil tunjuk kat Nurin and bicycle yang Nurin naik tuh.. He asked Gee to fight for the bike for him.. Siap tunjuk2 and tolak2 Gee soh pegi ambil balik.. Kekeke..

Being one nice sister to Aidan and Hessa, Nurin pun turun and let him be with the bike, siap standby kat belakang just in case Aidan ter slipped.. :) How sweet Nurin is.. :)) Ofcoz, Gee and Opah pun standby!! Hehehehe.. :)

Aidan.. Aidan.. *Sigh!

The pillowcase label - his fav everynight, as this little fella would close his eyes, and tangan dok carik2 bucu bantal and also the pillowcase label.. Yes, suka gentel.. Huhuhu.. Kadang2 kalau Aidan terjaga and nangis jer waktu malam, jenuh mummy and daddy letak bucu dekat dengan tanggan Aidan for him to grip.. Hehehe.. Baru tido balik.. Huhuhu.. But, nasib baik tak stick to one bantal jer, kalau tak, memang tak boleh bawa jalan.. Huhuhu.. :P

Bila dah letih sangat, he would pusing and pusing in his sleeps, and sometimes macam2 aksi from Aidan, ada yang macam ni, ada gak yang tido badan atas bantal, kepala ke bawah.. So, malam, during diaper changing time, memang kena tarik Aidan balik ke tilam dia.. Hihihi.. :)
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