Friday, July 15, 2011

"Na.. nak (diaper)!" Is he ready for potty training??

Alhamdulillah, so far, no no no botol susu.. And thank God, he copes with it well, and ofcoz we reallllllyyyyyyy..... need to support them, and Aidan being Aidan (who likes to imitate people) find it easy to adapt to changes.. :) So, that's a bonus! :P

Currently, Aidan find wearing diaper plak, a BIG NO NO NO!! He just hates it, sometimes! I don't know, maybe sebab dah start rasa gatal and what not.. He prefers to... not wearing anything??? Hehehe.. Yup, sometimes t shirt pun dia tak nak pakai.. He loves it that way, sambil baring2 and ask mummy garu2, usap2 rambut, kaki, belakang.. Yes, eczema nyer hal.. Hmmmm.. He finds it 'very calming..' :)

And then i remember his cousin who refused to wear diaper too.. So, i guess memang bila sampai this age, memang diorang dah start rasa tak selesa pakai diaper.. Hmmmm..

Question, now..

Are we ready for Potty Training????

As usual, i did my homework first, and came across this quiz.. Masa tengah jawab tuh, i was like, "hmmmm, confirm nih tak lepas.. Mesti Aidan tak ready lagi for potty taining.. Terlalu banyak 'No'.. huhuhuhu:.. BUT it turned out, he is MAYBE ready! Here is the result.. :)

"16-20 Your child is ready! If you don't already have toilet training supplies, be sure to invest in a potty chair or toddler toilet seat, big-kid underwear, and books or DVDs to encourage your child. There are many approaches to toilet training. To find one that is right for you and your family, be sure to check out BabyZone's Toilet Training topic page."

"11-15 Your child may be ready to try using the toilet! Let your child get used to the idea of using a potty chair or the toilet. Let her sit on the toilet or try flushing, talk about the process, look for books and DVDs, and give it a try! Shopping for big-kid underwear may be a fun step at this stage as well." - WE ARE HERE!!!

"1-10 Most likely your child isn't quite ready to try the potty. Be sure to look for signs, such as staying dry for long periods of time, expressing an interest in what goes on in the bathroom, and developing regular eliminatory patterns. Hang in there, your child's time will come (after all, how many teenagers do you know still in diapers?)!"

... and we fell between 11-15! Maybe he is half ready, the fact that he knows how to show that he wants to go and take his bath, and dah tau nak point to this and that, nak itu, nak ini.. Hmmmm, i don't know.. Memang kena support him habis- habisan if this is his wish/ hajat. :)

Oooooh Aidan, if only mummy tak keje and can be with you like most of the time.. Senang mummy nak monitor Aidan.. Still, i will do my best to train you, dear.. Just let me do some more homework first, okay? :)) We shall start your training next weekend.. So, Good Luck to you, and Good Luck to mummy too! Huhuhu.. :P I feel like it is too early for him.. But, since this is his wish, let's try it out! :))

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