Monday, July 18, 2011

Hessa is 4...... months old! Hehehe..

Dear baby,

This is mummy, updating you on your milestone.. :) You one cheeky girl, how i love you so much.. :)

Hessa dah almost boleh terbalikkan badan dengan sendirinya, but sometimes she insisted for us to help.. She would make noises and look at us, macam bagi signal suruh tolong jap.. Kekekeke.. :P

Hessa can grip things now, small things like her toys, mummy's finger (oooh, sweet!), but tak lama.. she will then just let it go, sebab grip tuh tak berapa kuat lagi.. :)

Hessa can respond to us so well.. If we talk to her, she would listen to us, and sometimes make noises as if she is responding to what we say.. :)

Hessa loves to smile, but depends on her mood.. :)) Huhuhu..

Hessa can already laugh now.. And her ticklish spots (yang mummy dah kenal pasti and selalu tickle her) are her armpit, tummy, dagu, and leher.. :))

Hessa loves to seat in her car seat while watching TV.. No more baring2, as this little princess would cry and sometimes ada shouted sket.. hehehe.. He likes to be held by mummy or daddy (dah kenal dah) and loving it, bila kita angkat bagi Hessa berdiri.. Maybe Hessa rasa dia dah tinggi.. (she is one tall gal!) :))

Hessa loves her milk like soooooo much! 4 oz now, and sometimes tak sampai 2 jam, she insisted for more.. :) Yes, my girl nak membersar bagai johan! Yeepee!!

Hessa's sleeping pattern is predictable.. At 7+ to 8 is her sleeping time.. If, nothing disturbs her (especially Cik Dan who LOVES to kiss 'adik' masa adik tido..) she would sleep until 2.30- 3 for her next feeding and diaper chaging, and lepas minum, tido sendiri sampai 5.30 to 6! PUNCTUAL!

Hessa can recognize faces now, and i love it when she lightens up bila nampak mummy.. :)

Well, something to take note: My daughter (unlike Aidan) tak suka travel dalam kete lama2, jalan rumah orang (hahahaha), except umah Opah and umah Tokma.. The rest, she would cry and cry macam tak senang duduk.. Don't know why.. Even rumah Aunty Ima yang belakang rumah pun, she cried.. Bila balik rumah sendiri, terus tido jer like nothing happened.. Maybe sebab dia dah dapat rasa environment rumah sendiri, and i guess, she just loveeee her mattress kot! Kekekeke.. :P

Okie dokie.. enough about Hessa.. I shall update for more.. :)

How time flies, she is now 4! but small 4! :))

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