Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gee is leaving us, so, What is The Next Best Thing?

Hi peeps!

Contemplating, yes i am! Hmmmm, currently macam2 yang mummy fikir, sebab i need to make fast, effective, and WISE decision, on where to send Aidan after Gee balik Indonesia.. Hmmm..

Gee is my sister's helper, and she has been great for the past 1 year plus, of taking care of my lil' one and now, both of my kids! :) Yes, ofcoz with the help of my everything, Opah! and sisters! Not to forget, that sometimes we did ask for Tokba and Tokma's help to look after the kids.. Yup, when you're maidless, you just can't do everything alone, and to have them to help is actually a bless.. :) Thanks all!

Since Gee is going back middle of next month, i just need to be really fast in making decisions on where to send Aidan, since i can't depend solely on my mom, sisters, and in laws, since they too, have their own responsibilities to look into. So i did my thinking, and i guess it's about time for me to send Aidan to playgroup/ school or kindy CUM daycare! Hmmmm.. lucky me, we have one in Cahaya.. And the principal is also my good neighbour, Wan! Yup, most of my friends in Cahaya also sent their kids there.. I guess, it's a strategic move for Wan to open up one kindy in Cahaya, as the neighbours able to get to know her, and being all motherly, she is ofcoz wins everyone's trusts! So, bravo Wan! Ooooh, his son's name is Aidan! We were like, "ooh, my son's name is Aidan".. and she went " ooh, me too!" :)) Hmmmm, cool!:D

Yup, i did my homework on preschool, playschool for Aidan, and ofcoz keep track on the new schools, new methods and just about everything that i think might help my Aidan in some ways.. I don't want anything that might stress him out, since he is still a little boy, but i need something very intelligent, innovative, creative and FUN.. All in 1! Huhuhu.. :)


Remember i did my homework on Shichida method? Yup, we are still queuing, and they told us that they would get back to us this coming October.. BUT, shichida class is different.. It is a one day class in a week, which won't help me as much, as i need a place for Aidan to stay the whole day, during week days.. So, shichida is one thing, although i am sooooo.. in love with it! If i were to be given a chance to choose, and that the fee is not a problem at all, plus i am a SHM, Shichida is the one, although i might still send him to other kindy during weekend.. Hmmmm.. my dream for my son.. No worries, just a dream! Hehehe.. :)


And last time, i went to see the lovely Pn Aisya, principal for Pingu English in BJ, had a chat with her, and yup, she encouraged us to send Aidan at early age, but not now.. Since Aidan can only listen to instructions once in a while and some more, he only understands simple instructions, although there are times that he still refuses to follow! Hehehe.. So, she insisted to see Aidan this coming January, and i shall bring him back to Pingu, for more observations and for her to decide whether Aidan is ready for her classes or not. Still, no daycare!


This is the next best thing, right after Shichida, i really gave a big thought about this, and actually still is! :) I spoke to Teacher Maria, and being one nice lady, ofcoz we had a nice conversation! She explained to me one thing to another, and she just amazed me.. She would love to meet up with Aidan this January, and if Allah's will, i would love for him to join the kids at Maria's.. Teacher Maria told me that she took kids 3 years of age to join her Montessori, and it would be a 1 year prgramme.. The kids then would automatically continue their preschool with Cambridge for kids! And there, they would touch on a lot of subjects, and this include Pendidikan Islam, and BM! Besides that, Cambridge for kids also, has more than 5 extra classes for activities, such as Drama, Art, Tae-kwan-do, Ballet (Hessa would love this) and many others.. I just love the idea of learning and having fun, all at the same time! Isn't it wonderful? The fee is very reasonable and i asked here and there, they said that the fee is actually more or less just the same with other fees in Smart Readers, Q-dees, and etc2.. Still, no daycare! So, i might consider this one for his preschool! :)


Yes, this is Wan's montessori and she FB me saying that this coming September, they will launch their first Kindermusic Paygroup, and ofcoz cum daycare! So, i am all excited for her, and for Cik Dan too.. She would love to meet up Aidan for assessment.. Wahhhh! Hehehe.. So, if everything goes well, and that we shall cope with all the rules and regulations, terms and conditions.. hehehe.. Aidan would be joining them first, and later, then only would consider joining one of the above! :))

Other kindy that we are still looking into:

1) Smart Reader - heard a lot of positive feedback on this..

2) Q Dees - my nieces and nephew fav kindy! and it is effective.. my niece, Wawa at the age of 4-5 can already spell and read! Wonderful! Now, Nurin also joined her there.. :)

Hmmmmm.. very interesting choices kan?? Have a lot to timbang tara.. Hmmmmm.. *Scratch2!!

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