Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aidan's Splish Splash Party and he is... 2!!

My Birthday BOY!!

His sweet, adorable sister.. :)


We would love to say Thank You!! to all who came yesterday to Aidan's small Splish Splash party.. It was nice to see everyone, and Aidan love his gifts sooooo much!! Such a happy boy, and he enjoyed, playing with his friends in the pool.. :)) Happy Aidan, Happy Daddy, Mummy and lil Hessa.. :))

Will update on the party tomorrow ya.. I'm gona leave you with some of our pics yesterday.. :))

Thanks again!! :))

Busy daddy.. he was there to make sure that everything went right.. :)) Thanks dad!

Favors for the kids.. :))

My best friend ever, Lynn, she arrived from Johor at 1 in the morning, and went back at 5 in the evening.. She came just to support me! Love you Lynn!

One happy boy!! :))

My beautiful sis, Fair.. Look at how this beautiful pregger lady rocks the theme outfit!! :))

Great event.. Job well done, dad!! :))

Wait for the actual entry, ya.. :)) See ya!!

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