Friday, October 7, 2011

Aidan's Splish Splash Party!

Hi all, as promised, here are some of the photos taken on Aidan's BIG Day! Thanks to Bemz Banawi, Mad Thai, Achik Ita, Kak Farah, Atyn and those who captured the best moments ever.. :))

All the decorations were just minimal, made by yours truly.. Nothing much, just few tags, banners and stickers.. Since we still had Aidan's last year's party things, we just made use of what we have.. And i just love the whole thing.. :) And Aidan did too, he was smiling and sometimes, tested me when he too wanted to grab this and that to help! Huh!

A BIG Thanks and Hugs goes to Bemz Banawi for the surprise gifts to THE WHOLE FAMILY! Hehehe.. Our own personalized t's for that day! How nice of you and my sister, Aidan's alang, and Mamat ofcoz.. :)) Thank you.. Thank you.. :)) And yes, orders coming after few of my friends saw these t's.. Hehehe.. :)) and Alhamdulillah those who ordered previously, satisfied with their purchases.. :))

Okie dokie.. pictures time.. Actually i am waiting for Mamat's pictures too, as he did snap pics of me with my friends like Anne (she's my Uitm buddy), Kak Wati (my former silent reader, now not so silent anymore, hahaha!), and few more.. :)) Thank you so much.. Oooh, and pictures during our Water Balloon fight that night.. I had fun with every one of you: Bemz, Mamat, Ara, Atyn, Neat Lee.. Great!! :)) My team, we had me, Bemz, and Neat Lee, and i guess we won that night after rounds of water balloon fights with Mamat, Ara and Atyn.. Yeahhh! :))

Enjoy the pics ya.. :))

p/s: I just realized that i did not come up with an entry on Aidan's 1st Spongebob Bikini Bottom Party just yet.. Yup, i did only the 'Thank you" part with only few pics.. Hahaha.. Gotta get it coming for his records, for sure.. :))


For those we are interested to have these cute t's on your kids BIG day, please let me know.. or you can deal direct with Banawi Studio.. Add them @ facebook now.. :)

Having fun under the sun!! :)) That's my boy!

He is one big boy now! and talkative too.. :))

He's my everything! :))

And this is my princess.. We did not snap her pictures that many as i was told that she slept most of the time.. Or she would be with her Tokma or Tokba.. Yup, she wasn't with me most of the time that day..

Look at Aidan's so called 'birthday hat' hehehe.. I did that using the tags i did for the decorations.. Hessa had hers too, but since she was asleep at that time, we couldn't capture her with her 'birthday hat'.. :))

Thank you Kak Fiza, for the cuppies.. Got good reviews la.. :))

Oohhh, Achik Ita did record this.. Wait for his Vclip guys.. :))


And pictures taken from my friends.. :)) Thanks guys for coming, and tagging me.. :))

Happy kids.. :))

Yeahhh.. Till then.. BYE!!

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