Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Aidan!!! :))

Hello!! Happy Tuesday everyone!! Today is my son's 2nd birthday, and how happy everyone was this morning (mummy, daddy, Aidan and Hessa) as we able to celebrate a mini- quick- 5 minutes 'par-tayyy' just to celebrate our Dan Dan! :))

We thought of celebrating it last night at 12, and as usual, my Aidan he was still wide awake, but bila fikir2 balik, nanti bila dah makan cake, sugar rush, we might ended up tido at 3! Hahaha.. So, we decided to celebrate it this morning.. Aidan for sure received a BIG KISS from daddy and mummy before he sleeps (or should i say, before mummy tertido??) Hahaha.. :P

And this morning, as i preparing their bags, i heard his voice and called them down, and this fella he had no clue on what was happening, until we sang him a Birthday Song.. :) He went puzzled, serious, and had no idea what to do.. Hehehe.. But once in a while, he would made this face yang ala nak senyum but control tuh.. Hehehe.. :)) Hessa was there to witness the whole thing too, and mata asyik focus jer on the cake.. :) How sweet! :)

I got him an Angry Birds cake, from Cookie Box, Empire.. Sooo Yummy! :) Aidan loved it, and insisted to have it for breakfast.. :) Alhamdulillah that he enjoyed the cake.. :)

Oh man! My son is 2!!! :D
Happy Birthday Aidan!!!! Mummy, Daddy and Hessa love you!!! :))

Mini Angry Birds cake from Cookie Box, Empire.. It's RM10, sebab kecil, go and check it out!! :) It's a kiosk depan2 Serai, Kenny Rogers and what not.. :))

Hessa wishing Aidan 'Happy Birthday!'.. Okay2, kidding! :P But she was there, celebrating him!! :)

Aidan decided to have a taste.. :)) Hmmm, yummy mummy!! :D

I love my birthday cake sooooooooo much!!! :)) Look at me.. Happy!!

Nyummm nyummm nyummm!! :))

I want a bite too.. :( Pity adik.. Later yek Hessa.. Just a few more months, then you are ready for it.. :)

Look at my son! :D Sooo serious.. WHY?? Aidan had no clue that he needs to blow the candles, and again, he went puzzled.. Mummy showed him what to do, and few attempts, like FEW ATTEMPTS baru terpadam.. Hehehe.. Daddy able to take the video but sekerat jer, since we had not enough space for it.. But, it's okay.. We still love our mini celebration with him.. :)

Happy Birthday Aidan!!

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