Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello all!!

Good morning!!

My name is Anya Hessa, and this is our daily routine!! Hehehe.. Every morning, daddy and mummy would send us to Tokba's.. Last time, when Gee was around, we stayed in Shah Alam, and we got to see Opah.. :))

Our morning is FUN, we got to have breakfast in the car, and listen to the radio.. My brother sometimes sings along too.. He has this special move and would moves his body everytime he listens to his fav songs.. I love watching him dancing, and sometimes, i found it funny that i giggle, and sometimes laugh out loud.. Other times, i just let him be, as i take my short nap.. :) I love sleeping in the car.. :)

This is my brother, Aidan.. :)) "Aidan, look at mummy.. She's with her camera.. Smile!"

"Hello.. hello.. what's with you??"

"Aaaaaaahhhhh, i am still sleepy!"

"I can't help myself.. HELP! What did you say just now?? Mummy with what??"

"Oooh,,, camera! Now, smile!.. :))" - pretend that he is all wide awake!

"That's my brother!" :))

Mummy: ... and these are my kids! Love them! :))
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