Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm gonna miss these! *sob sob

Yup, he is turning 2 this coming 13th (4 days to go), and this 2 years time, he has developed so much.. Name it skills, attitude, personality, and not to forget determining and realizing his own greatest potentials.. :) Alhamdulillah, for this remarkable gift from Allah, and i shall treasure him forever with my unconditional love.. :)

During this 2 years, not only he learned a lot from me, hubby or his surroundings, but personally, he taught me a lot too.. I've learned to be the best, the greatest mom that he could ever ask for.. We always talk to each other, although i know, sometimes he got only maybe 60% out of everything that we share together.. :)) Hahaha.. He is only 2 years old, what to expect?? :P But the bonding is there, for sure..

Both my kids, they are everything to me, and special in their own ways.. Aidan and i, we grew together, and my first experience being a parent has A LOT to do with him.. Hahaha.. The fact that he is my first born! :P And forever the memories will stick in my mind, and my heart, from our first touch, his first cry, giggle time, crawling, waking, running, and now, playing PVP! (Yup, daddy got him one during our raya back in Kedah, nope, not a PSP, PVP) :P He is for sure, special.. :)

Being one curious boy, Aidan loves to try this and that.. And when the other kids busy running here and there (those that he rarely meet), Aidan chose 'gadgets' and would stick to it until he feels boring.. This is my son.. He just have his own way of enjoying his life, which i never take it as negative thing at all.. My son's curiousity actually teaches him a lot.. There's nothing wrong of how one wants to express himself, enjoying life just like how he wishes.. He for sure has nothing to lose at all.. :) :) Hubby and i, we were always being surprised with this and that coming from his mouth, and his ability to solve things (kids way) which never fails to amaze us.. His mind is working amazingly.. Alhamdulillah.. Sometimes, not that he wants to play games, he just love the idea of what that small gadgets can do, and would smile widely when he found the gadgets 'Super COOL!'.. My son, he is for sure one of a kind.. :) Fatin, his fav cousin, once showed him how to record own voise, using I-phone, and the next meet up, when Aidan was holding her I-phone, he put it close to his mouth, and went 'Hello Aidan!'- imitated Fatin, when she first taught him that.. :)) Awwww... :( I miss my son, already!

And yes, I will miss all these badly.. One year to another, he would lose his baby charm and BLOSSOM (so girlie2, right?? hahaha) into a handsome young boy.. I don't know when.. I guess, when he managed to come up with a full, longer, complete sentence, and that arguments seem to last a little bit long.. Hahaha.. When i look back, this past 1 year, he grew up and progress incredibly.. And it took only 12 months for all these to actually happened.. I looked at his 1 year old picture, and his latest's, and i went 'wow! what did i miss??' and wonder what will be my next reaction in 12 months coming, and how is my baby boy going to be like? and his ability, capability, personality?? WOW!! I am for sure gonna miss him, now.. and ofcoz excited to see him (again :P).. 'BLOSSOM!'

To my dear son,

My prayers for you, since you are so tiny- baby- mummy, is that 'Aidan anak yang baik' and mummy selalu doakan anak mummy segala kebaikan yang ada, dan berjaya serta selamat di dunia dan di akhirat.. You have my blessings, and i know, you gonna be GREAT! InsyaAllah.. :)

4 more days to go.. *sigh! :( mixed feelings- excited, happy, sad, afraid.. adoiii.. :P

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