Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a MUST NOW!!

Yes, i need this so bad.. I guess spending half an hour everyday (weekdays) and at leat 1 hour (weekends) would help a lot..

Yup, not only i gained few extra kgs yang tak nak turun2 after i deliver Hessa, but the fact that nowadays, senang jer rasa lemau, tak bersemangat, cepat letih, and it shows, not only my body, but it affects my skin and rasa tak best sangat.. My skin becomes so dry, and uneven.. Ofcoz, it screams HELP! and noticing this, i need to do something about it, and a MUST to stick to it.. So, i come up with a plan to make things better.. :))

Healthy Living is what i need.. Although i know, that i need to be really focus and discipline when it comes to exercising and healthy diets.. It is NOT EASY! I need to let go few of my BAD HABITS! No more carbonated/ sweet drinks, junk food, bla bla bla.. So, wish me luck.. :)

For the time being, i am all about Swimming, Yoga and other healthy steps for a better me.. :))

p/s: will update on my current weight, and results will be revealed on 31/12/2011.. Huhu.. Yes, i am SERIOUS about this.. :P
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