Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Macam mana nak jimat bila bawa budak2 pergi such places?? Bring their animal soft toys along.. hahaha.. since kat sana pun jual benda yang lebih kurang, the kids ended up tak minta apa2.. hehehe.. :P

Aidan's 2nd trip to the zoo.. :) and Hessa's 1st.. :))

Yup, we went there again, and this time, with our long time friends, and now neighbours @ Cahaya SPK, aunty Ima and family.. :))

What a great trip!!

It was Hessa's first visit and ofcoz the person who were excited and amazed most with all the animals there were Aidan, Aiman and Ammar, as they knew exactly how to appreciate that kind of visit.. :)

Nothing much to write here, as the photos would for sure speaks on their own.. and guess what, i was the camera lady for that day, and now, where's my pic?? :P

Aunty Ima, Uncle Azren, Aiman and Ammar.. :))

Daddy and son.. Daddy said he enjoyed that kind of trip, but i guess when both kids dah besar and independent sikit, lagi best! hehehe.. :)

He went, "BIRDDDD!!" Stork la, baby.. But, in your case, bird will do.. :)) Good job!

Aidan called elephant, "elifin'.. hehehe.. cute! He went, "mummy.. mummy.. look!" and ofcoz diikuti dengan "wow!!!".. impersonating mummy! :P

Mummy : Aidan, what's that??

Guess what??

Aidan : uuuuUUUUukkk.. aaaAAAaaaakkkk.. !!

Mummy : monkey la..! :P

Mummy : Okay, jom!

Aidan : Habis???

Mummy : Habis.. :))

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