Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 7 months old, girl! :))

Yeahhh, Hessa is 7 months old, as we speak.. erggg, no, as i typed this.. hehehe.. :)) Alhamdulillah, and she is one happy girl.. :)) Okay2, happy is when she is around those she recognize, sebab my lil girl susah sangat senyum to those yang dia jarang jumpa, and sometimes would cry for me or daddy.. :))

Awesome 7!! as she is now love and able to :

1) recognize faces
2) smile, giggle and even laugh at funny faces or actions from Dan Dan..
3) clap her hands when happy
4) lift her butt as she is learning to crawl, yup, i think my daughter skipped 'menyulur', although once in a while she did it, but at a very slow pace..
5) turn her body in a spilt second, this way, that way, and back again.. :))
6) hold her feet and sometimes shove it into her mouth
7) one loud happy girl as she will make this one sound, when she has nothing else to do..
8) loves to take long shower.. :)) just like her brother..
9) loves to cuddle and be cuddled.. :))
10) loves to eat and enjoy 6oz of Isomil milk
11) sleep the whole night long or would wake up only once for feeding ( and would sleep back by herself) alhamdulillah.. :P
12) loves watching Dora, Diego and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Dan Dan..

So, what next dear?? :)) Mummy just can't wait.. :))

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