Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday guys!! :))

Good friend stays in this heart of mine forever..

We have been friends for.. a thousand years now.. Hahaha.. How i love you Evie.. :)

Yup, Happy Belated Birthday again, to my beloved friend, Evie and hubby, ooh, and aunty!! Hehehe.. What a wonderful celebration, dear!!

Last Saturday night, we attended our dearest Aunty Evie's birthday celebration, and it was a sweet one for sure, with all her DIY's decor.. Oooh, did i mention that Aunty Evie is the owner of The Wedding Fairies?? Yup, she is, and you can find them at :))

The food?? Yummy!! Cooked and prepared by Aunty Evie and her hubby, and mummy ate a lot that night!! Hahaha.. Aidan too cracked us all after few rounds of 'nak air?? nak air??' and i was like 'oooh Evie, you know what.. air di sini sedaaaaaappp sangat, kalau guna jus yang sama kat my house pun, dekat siniiii gak sedap!' being sarcastic for sure! :P

Okie dokie pictures time!! Oooh to Aunty Jaja.. Welcome back!!!! :))

Gorgeous!! :)

Couldn't resist to see this and that.. he was all excited to see the balloons.. :)

Meet Zara, Aunty Evie's pretty girl.. :))

Aidan, all excited to see his friend, Zara.. :)

Oooh kids! LOVE!!

Sweet decor made by TWF!! :)

Our adik.. One day before she got her fever back.. Pity adik..

Our adik and the lovely Aunty Juju.. :)

Mummy and anak2 mummy.. Now, where's daddy?? :P

Aidan konon la, nyanyi.. Hahaha.. His fav song to sing now : Birthday song (kejap untuk mummy, kejap Tokba, kejap nyanyi tuk diri sendiri.. hahaha), Twinkle2, Ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku, Dora the Explorer, ABC, 123, and lagu2 kat Yes, name it.. He would sing or simply hum along.. Hehehe.. :P

Karaoke time!! :D

Juju, yours truly, Fina, and Tini.. :))

Thanks for inviting us, love!! :))

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