Monday, October 24, 2011

Say "Hello" to Oogway!! :)

My oh my.. Last Friday, after the 3 of them came and fetched me from the office, i decided to stop at the Fish Shop/ Aqua Shop, just to get our male guppies some companies.. :P And there, Aidan was so excited to see few little tortoise and insisted for me to buy one for him.. Pity my baby that i refused to buy him one as i have no time to set up a 'home' for it.. Yup, ofcoz i need to have a proper place for it, if we were serious about having it at our place.. But, deep inside i was contemplating too.. So i just told him to wait until.. today! Monday (thought of thinking about it during the weekend.. :P)

Somehow, Aidan was soooo lucky that day.. As we drove back to our house, and the rain was heavily pour, we came across 'Oogway'.. Yup, we named it after the Turtle character from Kung Fu Panda, and ofcoz it is Aidan's favorite cartoon now.. Maybe that's why he insisted for mummy to buy him one.. Hmmmm..

We saw Oogway in the middle of the road, and actually bigger in size than the ones we saw at the Fish Shop.. Hehehe.. We were so concern about it, and decided to bring it home.. :) Oogway has been with us for 4 days now, and we just let him be, walking here and there in our garden, and how funny it was, to find hubby went here and there too, every morning, to find for it.. :P

I guess, not for long now.. We might want to let it go.. Perhaps we should just bring it to the lake at our house.. I guess it is a proper place for it, as if we decided to have it at our house, then we need to prepare it a place to call home, and for now, i am for sure not up for it.. So sorry Oogway.. :(

But you will for sure remain to be one of Aidan's fav cartoon character.. Hehehehe.. :P

Aidan's Oogway!! :))

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