Thursday, November 10, 2011

I just love their record books.. Once in awhile, i would read back and somehow would be smiling alone.. It is true that they are the precious gifts from Allah, and it is such a joy to have them as my own.. :)) Love ya, babies!! My other place to leave them LOVE marks, besides this dear blog of mine.. :))

All of your memories are treasured, babies!! :))

It was an amazing feeling when i read back Aidan's record book.. Oh my.. I felt really touched, as it brought me back to the year 2009, when i first laid my eyes on him, touched him and called him, my son! Plus, he was a very strong baby of mine, my miracle boy!

Yup, Aidan came out 2 months earlier, and to read back his milestones, and the things i got from the hospital of him, left me feeling oh so, blessed.. :))

And now, our adik, too, has her own record books! 2 of them! :P I love both record books as the pink one i got from my sister, Sha, and the other one is just simple as it only treasures memories of her, from her first day up until she reaches one, which is cool too! :)) Oh yes, the rest, Aidan's and Hessa's record their milestones and other childhood memories from their first day up until they reach 5! Super awesome! :))

Nothing much to say here, just a proud feeling of a mother who just read back things of her babies, and left her feeling oh so happy! :)) Hehehe..

Aidan's Baby Record Book

This is Aidan's Baby Record Book.. :)) So in love with this one as not only i could treasure his memories from his first day up until he reaches 5! And the best thing is that on the last page, there's a space for him to paste his own family photo later.. Perhaps with his own kids.. :)) Oh my.. :P It is Amy Neben's Baby Record Book! :))

Yes, we have decorated most of the pages.. Like this one, i used the buttons as it is on 'His School Days' and that he loves 1-10 now.. Something for him to look back later on.. :)) Ooh, and sticker on School Bus! Cute!! :P

Hessa's Baby Record Books

How cute! It only records Hessa's very first year, but it is sooo adorable! You should see inside.. Like Aidan's, it has Nursery Rhymes too.. :)) It is from Rachel Lawrence and Andrea Evans.. :)) Mummy is still updating her first this and that, as right now is the most exciting time ever.. Hessa is learning this and that, and there's so many to jot down.. Awwww!! :))

Told ya, it is cute and adorable!! :))

This is the one Ateh bought.. We just love it, and the color is soooo sweet! Pink is girlie2, and my baby Hessa is very much girlie2.. :)) Hehehe..

... and something that left me smiling alone.. Her handprints and footprints.. As now, not only they are bigger in size, but the fact that Hessa is one 'everywhere nak tido' kinda girl (tido buas habis :P), last night she accidently kicked mummy while sleeping! Really! Hehehe.. :P
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