Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Salam Aidil Adha, and Happy Belated Birthday to Opah, Alang, Ibrahim and Happy Birthday to Asu Zikry and Achik Liha!! :))

What a blessed Aidil Adha this year.. We got to visit families from both sides.. :) Alhamdulillah.. :)) It was a GREAT one as that night, my family decided to come up with a party to celebrate our family members, those that were born in November.. :)) And ofcoz my dear 'mak' was one of them.. :))

Happy Birthday again to all!! :)) Opah, Alang, Ibrahim, and oooh, today is Aidan's Asu Zikry's birthday, and tomorrow is gonna be our Achik Liha's turn.. :)) Happy Birthday, guys!! :))

Our raya morning started with our daddy went to the mosque and later we went to visit our friends, Uncle Rahman and Aunty Wirda.. :) Aidan got to spend some time, playing with Irfan and for mummies and daddies, chit chatting time.. :)) Aunty Wirda made some delicious rendang and sambal ikan bilis, and oh yeah, sambal ikan bilis soooo 'sedap'!! Nyum nyum nyum!! :P

Next, we went to Tokba's and ofcoz tak missed makan rendang, sambal udang, etc etc.. :)) All from Klang aunties, they do love masak ramai2.. :)) Sedap juger!! Hahaha, diet NO?? Hahaha.. Achik Klang came with her family, and brought some tomyam soup, and it was soooo yummy!! I hardly move from the table.. :)) We had a great time, and so were the kids.. Oooh, wait, Aidan jer la kot, Hessa slept all the way after Tokma fed her.. Hehehe.. :P Yes, no DIET for me that day.. Huh!

We arrived at my sister's house that evening, and they were preparing things for that night.. We planned for BBQ, and that evening, Atyn, Alang, Angah were busying marinating the chicken etc etc.. I brought them lasagna that i prepared earlier, my mom made some fried bihun, and we had fruit tarts, cakes and bla bla bla.. Macam2 ada.. :)) Alhamdulillah, it went well, and it was a blessed gathering/ party with an opening of 'doa' from my beloved brother.. :)

As for my anak2 sedara, most of us wore t's from Banawi Studio (www.banawistudio.com).. You can get your personalized t's there.. We received few orders on personalized t's for birthdays before, and it is one of the best way to make the kids day a special one, and memorable too.. :)) So, order now!! :))

Okie dokie, pics time!! Snap snap!!

Our Aidil Adha pics! At Uncle Rahman's.. :))

Our BBQ gathering/ party pics.. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

No captions.. :P I am still in my holiday mood.. :P Kekeke..
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