Monday, November 21, 2011

Look at Aidan's work! He was adik's stylist for that day.. I let adik wore her hairband, and Aidan insisted for the flower to be there, in the middle and on top of adik's forehead! Okay lah Aidan, styleeee!! :P

My sweetie pie is 8 months old!


1. She is a crawler.. Not that fast yet, but she is one now.. :) Still shaky, though..

2. Able to roll over, and seat by her own, but only when something supports her back, like pillow ect..

3. Clap when she is happy! Or when i did something funny, she would clap her hands like, ' i am very amaze with mummy, and that my mummy is Super COOL' kinda thing.. hehehe.. :P

4. Able to grip things more tightly, and sometimes would fight with Aidan for toys.. Huh!

5. Laugh out loud when something cracks her, like the tv commercials or cartoons.. There's this exact moment in this Art commercial for Nick (if i'm not mistaken) that she would smile and laugh and clap her hands.. The exact moment! (i caught her almost everyday, laughing to it :P)

6. Milk in take 6 oz, and food now, porridge!

7. Hand things from one hand to another?? Yup! :))

Okie dokie, that's all for now.. Later i will update on her crawling vid.. :))

'Me' love 'me' baby! Yes, 'me' do!! :)))
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