Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mummy's Masterpiece.. Wakakaka.. From left : Spongebob, Bear, Diego (the boy up there), Dora (the girl, hahahaha), Mickey Mouse, Ice Cream, Lipan (Ipan as Aidan calls it), Ball, Fish, Cat, Book, Giraffe, Elephant.. and many more.. :))

Funny little guy! :)

I couldn't stop myself from smiling, teringat gelagat my son last night.. Well, it has become a routine for us, every night, after i put adik to sleep (and that Cik Dan decides to stay up late too :P), we would go down and prepare something for dinner.. And this is actually his favorite time, since he would ask me or hubby to play with him, or in other word 'melayan' him..

Sometimes he would like for us to just be there for him, tengok tv sama2.. Other times, dia nak kita main dengan dia, or do some revision with him.. Currently, he is sooooo.. into his Flashcards! So, every nite he would take his flashcards and say "Mummy, jom men (main!)".. Mummy: OK JOM!! :P

Flashcards is one of our approach to teach him new words, but ABC thingy, better use the Fisher Price Online Games (really work!) For Flashcards, mummy introduced him 2 ways of learning (rekaan mummy :P).. One, is "Teka2 Cik Dan", and another one is "Pilih2 Cik Dan".. hehehe.. So, mummy would ask him, "What do you wanna play?? Teka2 or Pilih2??" ofcoz he would choose Pilih2, as he would be running around for the right card! :)

But, focusing on the same approach might bore him.. So, BEFORE it happens, stop continue with it! Find other joyful ways to teach him.. So, i came up with another way of letting him express all the words he already know (as a revision) and introduce new ones that are easy for him to remember.. So, I DRAW!

Last night, i took a piece of paper, and ask him.. "Aidan nak mummy draw aper??" and he said "Mimmy Mouse (Mickey Mouse)".. So, i drew him Monster Mouse .. hahahah!! (Mickey Mouse la untuk Cik Dan, mana lah mummy reti lukis MM..:P) and few other words yang dia wajib suruh lukis, termasuk "lipan" sebab we put a fake one kat tangga, so that he would not play dekat2 tangga, or asyik demand nak turun bawah.. Hehehe.. So, dia dah register, it is lipan, and wajib to draw! :P

From one pic to another, sampai lah mummy lukis awan with raindrops.. I asked him, thinking that he would probably just look at me and ask 'aper?', instead, he said 'uuuuu.. jannn!!! (hujan)'.. Oh my! :)) Mummy was so surprised, really! :))

But the last pic yang kelakar habis.. Serious, kelakar! :P Nak tau apa?? Look! :P

Mummy : Aidan, what's this??

Aidan : Chicken!

Mummy : Good job! This one?

Aidan : Tinker??

Mummy : Tinker??

Aidan : "Tinker tinker litter tarrr"

Mummy : Ohhhhhh, hahahaha.. That's right! Kekeke.. :P

Mummy : This one??

Aidan : Air!

Mummy : Ok, great! This one?

Aidan : puzzled! (okay, mummy lukis float sebenarnyer.. hahahaha)

Aidan : Fawer! :P

Aidan : Car! (and wajib buat bunyik bawa kete or at least start engine.. hehehe.. :P)

Mummy : This one? Aidan tau tak aper?

Aidan: Uuuuu.. jannnnn!! :)

And this is FUNNY!!

I was looking at his Record Book..

Mummy : Aidan, what's this?? Look!!

Aidan : Wowwwww!! PISH!!!!! :P

Mummy : Errrgggg.. PISH it is!! :P Hehehe..
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