Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mummy : Aidan, where's 'P'?

Aidan : Tuh!! :))))

Aidan : Come and learn ABC, the FUN way with me! :))

Being just 2 years old, and that 'men' (main) is what he loves most, mummy has been trying to create a learning environment at home, without him, noticing it.. :) Through games, songs, and few things that my Aidan would find interesting.. Yes, i just need to be creative about it, and not saying that every attempt yang mummy tried on Aidan, semua berjaya.. It goes back to stage one, get to know his interest, and his learning skills.. One approach tak berjaya, i shall try the next one, but the key point, is to never give up! :)

Yes, to put pressure on our kids to learn and to follow our ways is a BIG no no no! They won't learn.. Tried this on Aidan too, and he would say.. "NO!" :P But as a mother, i would ofcoz love to see him, learn new things everyday! :) Have you ever wonder how the teachers able to teach the children/ kids, and why can't us? This is the question that i always ask myself and isn't it interesting to get to know how they actually do it? Interesting!

Every childhood should be fun, and why can't learning be part of their 'fun' time? It sure can, and it is up to us to inject some fun in it! So, get to know what they love most! :)) Last weekend, mummy and daddy decided to focus on his ABC's and we used his giant alphabets puzzles to do this.. Okay, what a fun way to learn right?? :)) We just love it!

After few rounds of introducing him with the alphabets, the sounds, shapes and so forth, Aidan able to remember few (easy ones ofcoz!) like O, U.. and for other shapes, Aidan got to fill the holes with the right alphabets, sebab tgk shapes! :P Which is GREAT! Let them learn like this first, kan?? YEAH! But funny thing is that, since Aidan tau which one is 'O', bila nampak nombor 0 pun dia kata 'O'.. Yes, you are right dear.. :P *wink2.. You are right! Hehehe..

Oooh, rimas tengok rambut Aidan.. But daddy said, tunggu dulu, bagi panjang sikit lagi.. Ayoyoyo! :P Nak buat fashion2 lagi ka?? :P

Ohhh, how i love you, Aidan.. :)
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