Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My little pirate! :)

Hello all..

Happy Tuesday!! Yup, Tuesday blues anyone?? Hahaha.. After 3 days / short holiday at home with hubby and kids, today i am back at the office, settling few things before i bid the office Goodbye for good! Huhuhu..

Ohhh, still, pity our dearest Hessa.. Adik demam panas on and off for that 3 days, and Alhamdulillah smalam adik dah ok, but still i need to monitor her temperature.. Some says that adik got her fever sebab nak pandai itu ini, or nak tumbuh gigi, and macam2 lagi.. Yes, currently Hessa memang active, bila duduk, nak merangkak, and sometimes terus nak berdiri.. :) Good job dear, and as usual, mummy lah yang akan risau itu ini.. Bukan apa, Hessa has a very sensitive skin, ada eczema some more, and bila demam panas jer, terus eczema nak keluar balik, muka terus keluar red spots, and adik nampak soooo uncomfortable! She would scratched herself and sometimes bila tengah tido pun, she would do the same thing.. Pity adik.. Yes, daddy and mummy dah promised her to see Dr Noh this Thursday.. Sabar yer Hessa..

And last weekend sebenarnyer ada dua birthday invitations.. My friend Ku Anne's Dhia, and Fiena's Lana! :( Oh girls, so sorry tak dapat nak attend both parties.. We were looking forward to meet everyone at the party, but pity our adik.. :( Hope to see everyone later! :)) Miss my UiTm friends!! :))

After 2 days demam, yesterday adik nak juga senyum and main2.. If not she would just want us to cuddle her.. Pity adik, and look at her cheek, can you see the red spots?? :(

Happy with achik.. :)

Excited pirate yang tak dapat attend birthday parties! :P You know what, that pirate top is actually Aidan's when he was just 6-9 months old.. Hahaha.. Still boleh pakai, ok?? My God! :P

Ohhh, we just love birthdays! And this is Pink Pirate Dhia's Birthday pics! :)

Happy Birthday Dhia!! :)

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