Monday, November 14, 2011

On Aidan's weekend class, Happy Birthday to Arman, and Zara! and how we spent our Sunday evening.. :))

Hi all..

How was your weekends?? :) As for us, more birthday party and this time, we got to celebrate my dearest friend cum neighbor, Zura's Arman and Zara! Arman is a cool boy, with a cute haircut and he just turned 5, and as for her sweet baby sister, Zara, she is now BIG 1!! :))

I've got to meet up few of my friends too.. Oh how i missed them all!! Diana, Kakak, Fina and hubs!! My besties!! Love them so so so much!!! :))

At the party, Aidan was so excited to see the inflattable bouncer, and being one concerned mom, i found it a little bit dangerous for my Aidan to join the kids, jumping in it.. But Aidan was smiling and laughing to see them, and i forced myself to trust him, and let him play along.. He was the smallest kid, and had a pretty great time, jumping here and there with his fellow neighbours- friends! And he got to mix around quite good and pretty fast! Oh my, he is one big boy now.. :) But bila nampak other kids quite rough with each other, mummy quickly grabbed him out.. And we decided to go home..

And ofcoz he refused to follow us.. Crying and he looked so sad.. Hubby felt so sorry for him sebab kat rumah, Aidan would be playing with us jer, and adik, but adik is still small, so he decided to bring us all for a swim, at the Clubhouse.. Aidan cried sampai tertido on the way there.. Ohhh my.. :( When we got to the clubhouse, i woke him up and said "jom swim, jom.. dah sampai..", and right after he opened his eyes, he was sobbing, and said,
mummy jom! *sob sob, jom.. jom, mummy *and still sobbing - Okay, at this point, i was crushed! Sian anak sorang tuh.. :( BUT, we had a great time at the pool.. Daddy decided to stay with Hessa, since Hessa has a very sensitive skin, so tak nak lagi expose her with air from pool etc etc.. So, i went in with Aidan, and we had a blast! * Haish, sedih jer mummy tau.. Huhuhu!

Oh yaaaa, last Saturday we went to few weekend play- schools in Bukit Jelutung.. But when we said play- school, most of the classes are weekdays classes, and since both of us are working, we decided to let him enter weekend English class only.. I have studied few play-school and the methods they use to teach the kids.. Maybe takkan sama, but i will try my best to teach him at home.. Hahaha.. As i spoke to Teacher Alice, from Maria's Montessori, she said playschool for those 2-3 years of age banyak emphasize on the introduction of Shapes, Colors, Moral thingy, and few others.. Hmmm, homework time! :) But this English Class would help too, for him to expose to the language, and socialize with other kids his age.. I want him to have a great time at school, with his friends.. Learn while playing, not Play while learning yer, dear.. hehehe.. :P We gonna start the school in January, InsyaAllah.. :))

Ohhhh, it's Pingu's English.. :)) Yeaaahhhh!! :)

Zura, look at her face and the kids pics.. Cute kan.. Mmg ikut muka mummy.. :)

It's me and my 3 kesayangan.. :)

Okay, 2 kesayangan.. :)

2 kesayangan lagi.. :)

The birthday boy! Arman.. :)

Oh my.. look at him!! :D

Happy boy!! :))

Adik was focusing on the toys.. We joked about her naik bas.. Hehehe..

At the pool.. :)

Mummy and Dan Dan time!! How i love you baby.. Sian anak mummy sobbing in the car.. :(

Thank you Dad! You just know how to win his heart.. :))

It takes any man to be a father, but that special one, to be 'THAT' great dad! :)

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