Monday, November 14, 2011

When he's in the right mood, Sharing is Caring! kekeke.. :P

Promote sikit Happy Meal set from McDonald now.. Current Happy Meal toy sangatlah cute!! Look at them.. Your kids would love them all!! 4 of them!! They have Ronald, Birdie, Hamburgler and Grimace.. :) Currently we have 3, and still waiting for Grimace next week.. You can buy them at only RM3 each (without the meal ofcoz :P)! Great!! :)

Still remember my sister, Makngah, she collected Snoopy McDonald for Mian ke Sha ntah.. I can't remember.. :) Cute juger..

Aidan : 1, 2!!
Hessa : How come you got 2, and i have only 1??

Aidan : Adik, you got only 1?
Hessa : Mummy!!

Mummy : Next week, mummy buy you another 1 okay?? :) Sian adik.. We can only get Grimace next week, dear..

Aidan : Yeakkk.. yakkk..
Hessa : MmmmmMMmmmmmmm.. I wanna do Yeakkk.. yakkk.. too..

Hessa : Aidan, it's very tempting.. Can i have your Ronald??! (trying her luck?? :P)
Aidan : Dushhh!! Dushh!!

Aidan : Lucky that i'm in the mood!! Here you go.. :))
Hessa : Thank you Dan Dan!! :D (speechless, kali nih dapat plak.. :P)

p/s: Usually, our morning routine, siap2 pegi keje, and for the kids, pegi rumah Tokba.. Yesterday (Sunday) as usual, we woke up and siap2 since daddy ajak breakfast di luar.. Aidan was playing, and when we said "okay, let's go!", he went "gi Tokba??" :P cute!
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