Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hessa is small 9! :) Hehehe..

Hessa :

- able to crawl real fast now..
- able to stand up with help (hold on something etc2)
- wakes up 1-2 times at night.. *yawn!
- loves to clap her hands when she is happy
- able to grip things real tight now
- would move her body when she listens to her fav music
- LOL when she is in the right mood (especially when she is playing with Dan Dan)
- has 1 cute tooth.. :)
- loves to make noises (happy noise and unhappy noise :))

Oh my baby girl, how time flies.. Hessa dah pun masuk 9 bulan, and another 3 months jer lagi for you to reach your BIG 1! Yeahhhh!!

You have been great baby, and i am very proud of your progress.. :) Good job!! MMUUAX!

p/s: When we say 'Good Job', she would clap her hands!! Super cute! :)

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