Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holiday all!!

Short 3 days break.. What to do?? Hmmm, for us, nothing much as currently hubby and i are focusing on great things we would love to achieve next year.. :) So planning, planning, planning, and execute, execute, execute.. InsyaAllah.. :)

As for the kids.. The kids are doing awesome with Aidan being extra creative (nak buat itu, ini, ikut suka hati.. ehehehe) and Hessa just love the idea of exploring what she is actually able and capable of doing.. :) Awesomeness!! :)

Oooh, talking about holidays, few weeks ago, my dearest nieces decided to organize this one short break to PD with few of my family members, next week.. :)) Oooh,how i miss holiday with my family.. :) Aidan would love the idea of playing at the beach, and i guess it's gonna be his first time enjoying 'beach'.. Last time when we went to PD with my family, Aidan was only 9 months old (if i'm not mistaken).. So i guess, our trip to PD this time would be awesome!!! Awesomeness!! :D As for Hessa, she would enjoy the pool i guess, as we decided to stay at Grandlexi, so indoor pool, here we come! :) Happy, mesti lah, sebab mummy pun boleh terjun sekali.. Hehehe.. :P

And last Saturday, Tokma pula informed us about the family 4 days 3 nights holiday to Cyberview.. Yeahhh! It is Tokba's favorite getaway, as Tokba just love to fish, and he can do just that there.. Awesome!! :) It's gonna be our January holiday for sure! :)))

Best best best!! We just can't wait!

Okie dokie.. Happy Holiday and Happy New Year in advance.. :))

p/s: Congrats again to Asu Zikri, my nephews Wahid and Amjad for their excellent PMR results.. :) Muuax!

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