Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aidan loves aikem!! :P

Skinny boy, oh no!!

You know what?? What's bothering me now?? Leaving me feeling oh so uncomfortable and sometimes tend to give me headaches?? Hmmm, it's Aidan's skinny body.. :(

My son is very picky when it comes to food.. Sometimes jenuh juga bersilat dengan Aidan bila nak bagi Aidan makan properly.. Ada few times jer yang dia betul2 makan.. Erggg, 4-5 mulut jer boleh ker kira betul2 makan?? Oh my.. but that's my boy! Susah nak suruh makan betul2.. Sometimes tuh, boleh plak dia luahkan balik the food.. :((

Ceritanya, after few days demam panas, muntah2 and diarhea last week, Aidan's weight turun mendadak.. And currently his diaper yang size L tuh pun dah jadi besar.. Adoiii, takkan nak kena tukar ke M, darling?? Pening2.. Sugguh tak seronok hati nih, bila tengok si anak lelaki sorang tuh pakai diaper and seluar, and 5 minutes later seluar and diaper2 sekali nak tertanggal.. Aiyaaak!

I have bought him supplement, dengan harapan it would help his appetite to eat eat eat!! I know it is normal for kids his age to be picky, but after last week's condition, i was hoping that takder lah nak jejaskan his appetite yang ala2 tuh, but still affected.. What should i do now????!!!!

MODE: crying for help!! :(

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