Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On LeapFrog - LeapPad..

This is Aidan's latest gadget, after his PVP that daddy bought for him during our last trip to Kedah.. Aidan calls this new BFF, Ipad! :P Mummy calls it Apad! Kekeke..

Aidan loves Ipad like so much.. Mana2 pegi nampak Ipad jer, mesti dia akan duduk sekali and tengok2.. He loves gadgets!! I guess he got this from his daddy.. Well, like father like son! :P

Unlike Ipad, LeapPad takder connection to internet whatsoever, but very durable, sesuai untuk kids his age.. With it, they can do wonders too.. Like drawings, learn ABC, spelling, ada movies, story telling time, personal biodata thingy, games, camera and many more.. He loves it!

BUT, ofcoz when Ipad is around he would jenguk2 Ipad juga sebab most games dalam Ipad much more interesting sebab boleh tembak2 and what not.. With Ipad, the games are more to educational and simple games.. But this will do.. :))

Something about LeapFrog - LeapPad, One great educational tool! :))

From the award winning educational toy company comes LeapPad, the learning tablet just for kids. With a built-in camera, and a library of 100+ cartridge games and activities*, the durable LeapPad features innovative apps that inspire creativity and turn reading into fun and games. It's a new way to learn, a new way to play – a new way to unlock your child's potential!

Reinforce school skills like reading and mathematics, and build skills like art, music, language, health and hygiene. Skill levels adjust automatically for each child – keeping the challenge just right and remembering progress so the learning and fun keep moving forward.

Characters spring to life with amazing animation, reading levels adjust the challenge to keep kids engaged, while touching the text sounds out words to help build phonics, comprehension and vocabulary skills. Voice recording, motion-based play and other innovative features turn reading into a cinematic experience!

Animation and Art studios let children create masterpieces. The Photo Studio lets them edit pictures they've taken with the built-in camera. Bring it all together in the Story Studio for an interactive book "All About Me" to share with family and friends!

Our groundbreaking Learning Path lets you see specific play and learning details, including areas where your child excels or needs more support. Email updates provide tailored learning tips, and you can share your child’s progress and achievements!

Add your child's name and picture! Choose a pet to customize and nurture! Help change the game – literally – with customized mathematics skills and spelling lists that drop right into the action as your child plays!

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