Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How ironic.. not this pic ofcoz.. When we were in the hospital, the doctor placed Hessa on the bed, next to a very cute wall, whereby the wall stickers were bees and flowers.. Huhuhu..

My 10 month old baby! The sweetest thing ever!! :))

Smile like a big boy now, huh?? :)) Swimming time!

Swimming time!! Hessa's adorable swimming attire.. :)

Be kind, bee! and our latest trip to Cyberview Lodge..

Oooh, still in our holiday mood.. We got back last night, spent 2 nights at CVL (in laws stayed for 1 more night) and it was a very interesting holiday indeed.. :)) Aidan and Hessa got to spend some time with fellow cousins, and for us, we got to enjoy each others company, the fact that Tokba decided to have a fishing competition, all Klang family members came to join us there.. What a holiday! :))

CVL has always been Tokba's fav holiday destination.. Not only the kids able to enjoy the pool, Tokba also able to fish there.. :)) Hehehe.. The fishing competition went on great with prizes for grabs.. Thanks to Pakteh as the organizer for that day! Did i mention to you that our dearest organizer is also the winner for that day?? Hehehe.. Yes, Pakteh caught a very huge fish, followed by few other competitors and ofcourse Tokba was one of them.. :)

Everything went on great until our third day there.. That morning, Hessa was playing with the cousins (Aidan was still sleeping at that time) infront of the television, and i was busying preparing things for her.. Well, she was about to take her shower, and suddenly i heard my baby crying.. To my surprise, i saw a bee ( at that point of time, i had no idea whether it was a bee or a hornet ) bit her thumb.. I was scared to death.. REALLY SCARED TO DEATH! To make it short, we brought our baby to Putrajaya Hospital (EMERGENCY cases), and stayed for an hour there, as the doctor wanted to monitor her, and to see the reactions if any.. Yes, her thumb was swollen at that point of time.. Oh pity baby.. :_( Alhamdulillah, the doctor said that it was a bee that bit her, and that it was a baby bee.. Nothing that serious.. Oh God! Alhamdulillah..

Well, let alone our sad sad story about my little girl, our holiday trip was a blast.. Just love the reunion with all our family members, and ofcoz when we said reunion with Klang family, makan makan and more makan was the main activity of the day.. Hehehe.. Love love love!!

Some of our pics of our latest trip to CVL!! Enjoy!!

Come and follow me.. Let's have breakfast first and enjoy all the pics mummy took during our trip to CVL!! :)) Thanks Tokba and Tokma!!

Daddy @ breakfast! Our second day there.. :)

Mummy and pumpkin pie!! My fav!! Errggg, i mean, the girl! :P

In laws.. :)) and Abang Harith..

Dan Dan @ breakfast.. Bila Aidan makan, hati mummy GUMBIRAA!! :P

Love Tokma! :)

View from our room.. Lovely!

Achik and hasil tangkapan.. :))

Aidan and Pish! All excited to see Pish! :)

Yup, those are our relatives from Klang.. Best lepak ramai2!!

Hessa tengah fikir nak masak apa.. Perhaps, bihun goreng.. kekeke.. :P

One happy girl! Oh yeah!

Our bonding time.. Priceless.. Ohhh baby!!

Jom pegi swim!

Kak Nana admiring Hessa's outfit.. She kept on saying how cute the outfit was.. How nice of you, Nana.. :))

Nice view.. To the pool, let's go! :))

Mummy Jiha and Aidan.. :))

Asu.. Warm up before masuk pool.. perhaps! :P

Me baby me, and me!!

The comel Fira.. :) Qaid, the brother is one smart boy.. He recited few doa for us to listen, ofcoz with the help of the mother.. But at the age of 4, this is awesome Qaid! Good job! :)

Award ceremony for the fishing competition.. 4th place, Tokba!! :)

3rd place, Uncle Kamal!! :)

2nd place, Uncle Rizal! :)

And the 1st place, Pakteh!! :))

Oooh, this is Hessa's pic BEFORE she got bitten by a bee! :( Pity her..

And this is her, after she got back from the hospital.. Huh, thank God, nothing serious..

I love this pic sebab my baby duduk W (as we called it).. hehehe.. :))

Well, the trip was a blast, and we, the cousins promised to bring along board games, sport shoes, and few other stuff next year untuk mengelak akiviti makan dan tidur yang tak berkesudahan di sana.. Hehehe.. :P Can't wait for the next reunion!! Yeah!!

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