Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We are here..

Pity Miss Hessa :(
It has been days now that my little pumpkin pie, Hessa got to deal with high fever.. Oh my.. Pity her, as it started since our last day @ PD (Friday), up until today.. :( I am one impatient mom when it comes to this.. Oh fever fever, go away!

The fact that we did bring her to see the GP that very Saturday, and we thought that we could still monitor her temperature at home, left us with a disappointment when we saw her shivering in her sleep! :( Oh my, what a terrible feeling to see her like that.. I quickly called up my sis to ask for her opinions.. As it was my first ever experience to see my kid like that, and that feared that something bad would take place, I decided to bring her to the hospital..

After few check-ups, the doctor advised us to have her admit for thorough monitoring as he could see that there was some sort of infections in Hessa's blood and this need to stop! Our intention to just stay there for few hours for dripping, and bring her home came to its end, and now, 'who's got to take care of my Dan Dan??' :/

Knowing that Aidan would be much more comfortable to sleep at home, having his daddy around, and that I would for sure want to stay with Pumpkin Pie at the hospital, I told hubby that I could manage Hessa alone at the hospital.. And now, it has already been 3 days and 2 nights and the doctor still refused to let us go, and he did mention about 'Volatility Temperature behind Viral/ High Fever'.. It may take days! :(

The highest so far was 39.6 (DEMC thermometer) and today dropped to 35.3 (according to our own thermometer) and we will see how it goes this evening.. Hopefully we can go back this evening or perhaps, tomorrow morning.. InsyaAllah..

Get well soon Pumpkin!!

p/s: As we shared the bed, and that nobody was around at night, Hessa decided to sleep late sometimes, and that i would tell her stories about how we missed Dan Dan.. :) Ohhhh, miss him so much! Wait for our entries on our previous and latest holiday @ PD with the loved ones!! :P

Hessa, day 3 at DEMC..

Hello Kitty from Atyn to adik.. But adik jual mahal ngan Atyn! :P

Musical Hyppo from Achik to adik.. May you get well soon! :)

Exhausted + Boring + Fever = Adik

Hopefully it's gonna stick like this , below 37d, and we can go back this evening gak, yer adik.. :)

DEMC kids ward.. Aidan just love to run here and there, and enjoy the animals.. :))

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