Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dah besar dah.. :)

Alhamdulillah, best sangat tengok gelagat anak2 sekarang nih.. Both dah boleh communicate with each other :P (their ways ofcoz), able to play together, and sometimes can team up plak tuh.. hehehe.. My Aidan and Hessa.. They are surely best friends!

What's new about them?? Hmmm, Aidan can speak well.. He manages to make a full sentence, using more than 5 words now, and the important thing is that it is understandable.. hehehe.. His vocab dah banyak dah, although sometimes ada few words yang Aidan still pelat.. :P Kasut jadi kasuit?? Anak saper tuh?? :P His ability to listen and follow instructions especially from Sensei is just amazing.. :) I am always speechless and at awe when i see him interact and follow what his Sensei asked him to do especially during their flash memory thingy, leaving me smiling alone inside.. Ohhh, dah besar dah.. :)) Oh yes, few weeks there at Shichida, i can see improvements during his flash cards class thingy (they have few other methods too).. It's true that i teach him at home using the same method (flash cards) but the approach is so different (they showed the flashcards in just a minute).. And when Sensei asked the kids there to memorize the flash cards she showed them, and asked back one by one, my little fella together with his friends, Te Hong and Jayden would just scream for the answers.. This is to teach the kids to have photographic memory and i am still learning how they can absorb and remember them all.. Huhuhu.. :P Dah besar dah.. :)

As for Hessa, Oh my, Hessa is one cheeky girl.. Oh my!! Hessa oh Hessa.. My Hessa can stand on her own, but still hesitate to walk.. I guess anytime now and definitely can't wait for it to happen.. Bukan apa, currently, she just love to be around the brother and play together, sometimes Hessa takes some time to get to one place, and taulah boys, Aidan would run here and there, tak terkejar si adik tuh.. Hehehe.. Ohhh, Hessa too can now say few words.. :) Aper tau.. Ni haaaa.. :))

Hessa and her few words!! Wonderful!!

- mama
- mami (mummy)
- papa
- tutu (susu)
- nak
- na nak (tak nak)
- eii go (let's go!)
- few other words yang sometimes Hessa terkeluar sebab suka follow us bercakap.. :P

and the latest one is..

Aidan!!! She went "Aaaadan!!!" hehehe..

One morning, Aidan woke up early, and start buat bunyik2, ganggu si abang tido.. Aidan pun terjaga, and he looked at Hessa.. This cheeky girl dah alle xcited to see her brother, and she shouted.. "Aaaadannnnnn!!"

Aidan went.. "Mummy, Aidannnnnnn!" sambil tunjuk jari ke adik.. Hahaha.. He was shocked too.. :P "Yes, mummy dengar.. Adik sebut nama Aidan.." :))


How they spent their Saturday morning, before both headed for shower.. :)

Adorable two!

Aidan and Hessa before heading off to school.. :)

My Anya.. :)

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