Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cerita Hessa..

Another 3 days before my Hessa turns 11 months old, and next month dah masuk 1 tahun! Wow! Seriously, tak rasa langsung and sedar2 jer my baby dah besar, and dah macam2 ragam.. Hehehe.. :) Unlike masa Aidan, and maybe sebab he is my first born (takder pengalaman, and mummy asyik expect itu ini), mummy jadi soooo overwhelmed! But this time, i am more relax, calm and enjoy being a mother to 2 of my handsome and lovely prince and princess! :)) Alhamdulillah, for this unconditional love, Ya Allah.. :)

Being just plain adorable, Hessa just know how to win my heart.. Senyum jer, mummy dah cair.. :) And currently i could say that she is about to say few easy words.. Hooray! Hessa would cry for 'Nak!!!' if she saw her feeding bottle, meaning to say she insisted for her 'susu'.. And sometimes, bila mummy tanya balik.. "Hessa nak susu ker?" she would reply "Tutu!".. Oh my!!! :D And sometimes, when i try to put her to sleep, i would teach her few doa and sometimes few easy words.. SOMETIMES, she would follow me, other times, she is the one incharged! :P

Clapping hands and dance to the songs on the radio or tv is her new passion.. She would laugh instantly when she saw Aidan dance to a number and she would follow at once.. Currently, she is like a sponge.. Last week, Aidan took his wooden blocks box/ container and mulalah masukkan kepala and buat bunyi2 so that bergema, Hessa saw this, and later bila Aidan put down the container, dia plak buat.. Ayoyoyo, mummy cepat2 grabbed the box sebab sooo dangerous to both of them.. Currently, memang kena selalu explain to Aidan this and that, and don't do this and that, sebab not only dangerous for him, Hessa pun dah pandai nak tiru.. Huh!

Ooooh, my other ways of letting Aidan buat revision at home is to ask him teach his sister.. Kekeke.. Macam2 cara tak nak bagi Aidan rasa boring belajar.. Alahmdulillah dia tak perasan! :P Kekeke.. Last week, i gave his flashcards so that he could teach his sister, and he did just that.. Tiru gaya mummy, and he taught her (yang dia tau la.. :P and ofcoz ambil masa lama untuk sampai ke flashcard yang berikutnya sebab tangan Aidan kecil.. :P).. Adik just looked at the cards tak pejam2 mata sebab Aidan yang ajar.. Maybe sebab adik macam amaze kot! Kekeke.. Yerlah, cikgu mana yang bila sampai flashcard yang dia tak tau, dia akan tanya Pengetua aka Mummy?? :P He went, "mummy, nih2 or tuh2??" sambil tunjuk the said card.. Funny! :P

One loud girl is definitely my baby girl, expressing his joy and love! She is definitely not a timid girl, and would express her feelings there and then.. Kalau Aidan did something to her, she would fight back, and if Aidan main2 tinggikan suara at her, she would do just about the same, and gelak2.. And if you love her, hug her, she would ask to follow you home! (kekeke, that goes to all my sis in Shah Alam :P) kekeke.. :P She responded well to her environment and surroundings, and i could see her personality is shining day by day.. One strong girl she is! Someone that would stand for herself and her family, InsyaAllah.. :))

Ooooh, since topik hari nih is all about Hessa, apa2 nak cerita here pun takper.. Then, i shall update on her eczema and allergy thingy, and sadly to say, my adorable Hessa is allergy to.... EGGS! Ayoyoyoyo! No eggs for Hessa yer.. Last few months, hubby and i brought the kids keluar breakfast, and she had eggs with bread.. Like few minutes jer, habis muka Hessa keluar merah2, and gatal2.. Hmmmm.. So, say NO to EGGS!

Lastly, on her birthday party! It's gonna be a SURPRISE! and this time, with my tight schedule, we decided to come up with a small family makan2 at our place.. Perhaps for the cousins as i was thinking more on a Sleep over party, but i guess that is too soon for her, right?? kekeke.. :P Tengoklah macam mana, but it will be the SWEETEST SMALL PARTY with lots of LOVE to my little Hessa!! :))


p/s: Entry yang suka2, bila mummy teringat anak2 mummy and gelagat diorang, harus ditulis, buat kenangan di esok hari.. :) And yes, dad kata "sampai hati mummy.. time birthday Aidan buat meriah.." Takper dad, no worries, it will be the sweetest.. :)) She would love it! :))

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