Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On our latest trip to ICT and Ahmad and Dalia's Arabic theme wedding! :))

Hello!! How's everyone doing?? As for us, we are doing just GREAT! :)) It has been days since i last updated my blog.. Well, the fact that right now, i am focusing on few important things and that i couldn't find the right time to seat back and blog! Ooooh, i miss blogging!! :D

Alhamdulillah for whatever it is.. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.. Allah is GREAT! My support system is really helping me to get there.. InsyaAllah.. :))

Our weekend was all about relaxing and enjoying each other's company.. Achik Ita decided to spent her holidy at our place, and we missed having her at home, just like last time.. :)) We got to visit our aunt Jami at BJ as she just opened up her first bakery shop (and we got to bring some home :P) there.. We also went to ICT last night, had our dinner there (hubby did hint me to write on the restaurant that we went.. hahahaha.. it's not bad (i guess), just unbelievable.. :P) and brought the kids jalan2.. :)) Riding any rides?? NO we did not! Hehehehe.. I guess kena tunggu Hessa besar sikit, then only it would be fun! In fact we didn't plan to go there.. It was a surprise trip for the kids, from daddy ofcoz! :P

Ooooh, last Saturday, before we went to Aidan's weekend class, we got to attend Ahmad and Dalia's wedding ceremony, and it was really one of kind.. Soooo beautiful.. Dalia came from an Arab family and on that day, most of her relatives came down to celebrate her, and since the theme was Arabic wedding theme (the ceremony was held at Wisma Zam Zam Seksyen 9 Shah Alam), everyone dressed like one! :)) Gorgeous! :)) I shall upload some the their pics on that day too.. :))

Focusing on what to buy as a souvenir for himself at ICT.. :P

Aidan tried out his new bubble gun.. :))

Hessa was all excited to play with the bubbles.. :))

Gorgeous cake! Congrats Ahmad and Dalia!! :))

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