Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Nisa's Akikah, and the morning when she is officially 1!

Hello hello.. It was baby Nisa's akikah, and a blessed ceremony indeed.. :)) Nisa is Aunty Ain's daughter (daddy's cousin) and it fell on Hessa's birthday.. :)) Thought of buying a cake to celebrate it with Klang family, but mummy refused to steal the limelight from baby Nisa.. It was her day, and let us celebrate her..! :))

Nisa is cute!!! Enjoy the pics. :))

That night when she was still 11 months old.. :))

That very morning.. Happy Birthday Hessa! :))

Birthday girl ready to follow mummy, daddy and Aidan to celebrate Nisa.. :)

Hasil tangan our beloved Makngah.. :))

Blessed.. :))

Aidan and cat.. Kesukaan.. :))

Daddy with his birthday girl.. Anak manja dad! :)

Ain's aunty (Mak Uda's sister).. :)

Look at Nisa's face.. Chomelll.. Gigit sikit.. :)

All serious.. Our attmept to put her to sleep.. But, she refused.. Saya nak kenduri, mummy!!

With Tokba.. Thank you for the birthday gift, Tokba.. :))

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