Monday, March 19, 2012

Nur Anya Hessa is officially 1! + Aidan's new hair cut.. :)

Yeahhhhh.. :)) My sweet-weet daughter is officially 1! :)) Alhamdulillah.. I am thankful for this blessing, Ya Allah.. She is indeed a special girl! :))

Hessa's birthday was celebrated last Friday night (her birthday eve for sure) since the next day, Saturday, we had to rush to Klang for Ain's daughter Akikah.. :)) Yes, Saturday was quite hectic, and to spend that Friday night just to celebrate her was just right! :)) Usually, right after we fetch them from Opah's, they would sleep in the car, but last Friday both of them refused to do so, and ended up berjaga sampai malam.. :)) So, we decided to celebrate Hessa, and came up with a mini Hello Kitty party! :) (nothing much, just that i used some of the decorations i would love to have next month for her real birthday party, guna dulu sattt.. :P)

Both of them were so excited, but Hessa was a little bit overwhelmed sebab she didnt have a clue at all why we sang for her and what not.. Kekeke.. Unlike Aidan, he couldn't seat back properly sebab nak jer makan cake.. Kekeke.. :P My boy, bila excited, either akan terus jer lompat (everywhere) or terus terdiam tak terkata apa.. kekeke.. :P

Okie dokie, some of the pics i snapped last friday during our mini Hello Kitty party for our dearest Hessa.. :)) She is awesome 1! :)) Alhamdulillah..

Happy Birthday Hessa.. Mummy loves you!

p/s: Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you.. to Opah, Tokba, Kak Farah and Atyn, Daddy, mummy's friends (aunties and uncles) for the BIRTHDAY GIFTS, and WISHES.. Hessa just LOVE her presents.. Thank you for the dressing table set too.. :)) Right after she got her dressing table set, she decided to have her own studio apartment in our house.. Kekeke.. Waiting for other collections, of kitchen set, laundry set, ironing set, etc2.. Yes, her empty room now is gonna be her mini studio apartment.. I wonder if she allows mummy to visit her like EVERYDAY!!! kekeke.. :P

We got her this cute mini cake with a sugar baby doll.. :))

Hello Kitty doll for little Hessa.. :)

Excited nyerrrr.. :))

Part of that mini decorations, her own Birth Announcement Card.. :)

Some of her gifts.. Thanks all.. :))

p/s: Aidan's latest hair style.. We went for No. 4! Clean cut.. :)) Hehehe..

Mummy Jeha : Alaaaaaa.. dah tak korean la...

Mummy : Takper, now jadi Shaolin lak.. kekeke.. :P

Happy Birthday Hessa!

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