Friday, March 2, 2012

Eyeing on these.. Peter and Jane series.. Slurrp2!

Deciding on his first batch of 'reading books'! and a tip for you, for me, and for our kids.. :)

My current attempt on my boy is to encourage Aidan to LOVE books.. It kinda difficult for me to choose the right one, and the other issue is ofcoz to choose whether i should start those in english or bahasa first.. I came across few simple reading books that may able to help him, recognize the alphabets (really simple ones) and perhaps few simple words (i encourage him to memorize some of the words first, just to let him get use to them, and perhaps later when he come across the words, he already know them all), and from there, perhaps the process to teach him to read becomes simpler.. This is simply my first attempt to see whether it's gonna work or vv..

So what i did? I looked at Nurin's reading/exercise books (Q-dees) and i just fell in love with them all! Simple reading books that would surely help the kids to learn.. I copied some of the things that i felt usable and applied at home.. Lina's (my bestfriend) birthday pressie for Aidan (simple story books) also help a lot.. The books are so good that Aidan too love them.. :)) Just that i need to find simpler ones that suit his age and acceptance level..

Since Aidan already recognizes few alphabets, i introduced him with words like 'Hi' (HhhhhhIiiiiii..) and 'Bye' (Bbbbbbbaaaaaiiiiiiii).. He seems to cope with them pretty fast.. Alhamdulillah.. :) Well, before we introduce something to them, we have to do some homework and find ways of not letting him feel any pressure to learn at all.. I love to inject some fun in his learning process, so that he wouldn't know that he is actually learning something out of it.. :)

Suggestions on the books, please! :))

Tip for you and me.. Prepare a room (if your kid can seat still while learning) for your kids to study.. But bear in mind, that the room wall should not be too bright of colors, or has cartoon wallpapers (aiyakkk, yes, i had prepared one room for him where i decorated with wall stickers and got to know that it might not help my Aidan to learn :P), and NO decorations whatsoever.. Just a simple table with a chair, and your teaching materials would be enough.. This is because, The Sensei told me that bright colors and decorations would distract their brains to focus on their work.. This is what being applied at primary and secondary schools.. Simple learning settings.. Some kindergartens use a lot of colors and decorations as a way to attract the kids, but according to her (Shichida method) it would only encourage them to run here and there, jumping around, and not focusing.. However, the only attractions that we can use, that probably use a lot of colors and cartoons (perhaps) are only the teaching materials.. That would be enough.. :))

For you, for me, and for our kids.. :)) InsyaAllah..

p/s: A book a day whenever you feel like it.. In our case, dalam kete on the way to Opah's every morning since bila ambil anak2 jer dah nak malam, dalam kete, semua dah 'tidoq'- Aidan's latest Kedah pronunciation.. :P Kekeke.. He went, 'Mummy, adik mana? Ohhh, adik tidoq!' kekeke.. :P

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