Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FunDay-Saturday SunDay!!

Hello all!! How was your weekend? As for us, it went great as Saturday, i got to spend my day attending Aidan's class and had this parents and kids day, and Sunday, off we went to visit aunties in Klang, and it turned out to be the kids day too.. :)) Suka Cik Dan!! :P

KidZania is just awesome.. That Saturday, As we arrived there quite late (Aidan had his weekend class in the afternoon), we decided not to enter it as since it is quite pricey and that it would be worth it only if we could spend the whole day there.. So, next time Cik Dan! :)) Sunday, we decided to visit Klang's family, and spoilt the kids at the indoor playground.. They had a blast, and technically, it was the first time, my little Hessa joined her brother, playing the slides and all.. :)) Dah besar dah anak2 dua orang tuh.. Hehehehe.. :)

At Achik's, Aidan got the chance to help Kak Farah (Achik's daughter) gave milk to their new kitten.. He was so excited and it was his first experience to hold a kitten by himself.. Angah followed us there, and thought of visiting Kak Su as she just moved to her new house, but we had to cancel the plan since we spent the whole day in Klang and sedar2 jer dah lewat.. Oh my, sorry Kak Su.. Next time yerrr.. :)

I love to see my kids blend well with their relatives, and Pakcik did compliment Aidan who got really friendly with everyone yang dia jarang jumpa.. I just laughed, sebab yes, my boy can be really friendly, and once he attached to you, he would want to follow you home.. Hehehe.. Yes, that's my boy.. memang suka berjalan.. :P

Here are some of the pictures of my Aidan and Hessa, of how they spent their weekends and Aidan's first experience with a kitten.. :))

Nice setting of ticket counters to get to KidZania.. :)

He ate a lot!! Alhamdulillah.. :)

He took a picture of me using his spongebob camera like thingy.. :P

Sunday Funday! :)

When we say his FUN day, it means he can eat his doughnut and used his t's as napkin.. :P ayoyoyo!

Love this pic, of his first experience with kitten.. :)

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