Monday, March 26, 2012

Gonna miss Te Hong, Jayden 1, Jayden 2 so much!! Gonna miss the mummies too..- Report cards day :))

Saturday - Kids day, with Ammar and Aiman.. And say HI to Kak Sharmina and Simon!! :))

I decided to come up with few activities for my kids, and decided to invite Aidan's friends over.. So, we had Aunty Ima and the kids at home in the morning.. :)) I prepared all the stuff that we needed, simple ones, just what i already had at home.. hehehe.. But, it turned out to be just PERFECT.. :))

We did 2 activities.. The first one was more on decorating their muffins (breakfast for them) and later, some art time (on brid, this time).. :)) Yup, we enjoyed our new Activity/ Playroom that i just prepared for them earlier.. It's gonna be in the next entry.. Aunty Ima was all smiling while looking at the kids room, and he even complimented on the room.. Thank you, Ima.. Yes, i used all their stuff and make the room as interesting as possible.. But bear in mind that: THIS ROOM IS NOT SUITABLE IF YOU WANT TO TEACH THEM ANYTHING THAT INVOLVES WORKSHEETS, OR WHITE BOARDS, FLASH CARDS and what not!! No No No!! This is more to hands- on activities, or perhaps drawing and colorings, as they might get inspired from the colorful room setting.. :))

Later, after class (his last class for this term- we shall miss everyone), daddy came and fetched us, and we went straight to Makn'jang's house to meet Kak Sharmina and hubby, Simon.. Yes, they came back from London for 3 weeks, and since we arrived there late ( and turned out to be the last to go back, kekekeke) we got the time to really chit- chatting with everyone.. Pakn'jang and Makn'jang insisted for us to stay longer.. Pakn'jang did this facila expression not to let us go back just yet.. hehehe.. Pakn'jang is so funny.. Kak Sharmina shared her experiences, leaving abroad, and Makn'jang came up with a joke of planning a trip to her house, and said "you guys boleh la jalan2, Maknjang nak duduk rumah jer.." kekeke.. InsyaAllah Maknjang.. :))

Simon, her hubby reminded me so much of my brother in law, Caleb (yes, they are coming back this May.. Can't wait to see my sis, Caleb, Zach and Yaya!!).. He loves the beach, and they were planning to visit Langkawi and we shared our experiences at Pakchik's.. Simon found it funny when i told him that our honyemoon was pretty much exciting, as we got to stay at Pakchik's house, honeymooning with gecko and all.. kekeke.. Oh my, i just miss Langkawi.. :)) Kak Sharmina is a very down to earth lady (siap ada loghat Kedah lagi) and i guess that's why, within just a minute, we clicked.. :)) Really admire her, a very successful young lady.. :))

Okie dokie.. i better stop now.. Kalau bercerita pasal family Kedah, macam2 nak tulis sebab maybe we shared the same thing (Kedah thingy).. kekeke.. :)) But, agak terkilan sebab tak sempat jumpa Maklang.. :( Nasib baik sempat jumpa Pakcik, Maksu Ah and few others.. HOpe to see them again dalam masa terdekat nih.. Ada lagi tak coming kenduri?? hehehe.. :))

Saturday yang BEST!! :))

While waiting for Aunty Ima and the kids.. :)) Aidan decided to draw first.. Oooh, adik takder :( sebab daddy ajak adik morning outing ngan daddy..

Simple setting for the kids.. :))

Ooooh, this pic sepatutnya bila muffin dah siap di- decor.. kekeke.. :) Makan time.. :)

Aiman, focusing on his muffin.. Such a creative boy! :))


Aiman's :))

Cik Dan's.. :)

Art time.. Here comes birdie.. birdie.. :))

Teacher Ima in the house.. kekeke.. :P

I drew the same birdie2 for them.. And asked them to decorate them with feathers and perhaps some colors.. :))

Tadaaaaaaaa!! :)) Nicely pasted on his wall.. :))

Play time.. and mummy chit chatting with Aunty Ima.. Can't wait for the next Art Day!! :))

While waiting for daddy, we played this.. :)) Ada orang bila baling dice, dapat 5, dia jalan sampai sepuluh, pastu shouted 'Win!!!!'.. Okay, geng Ateh Basharah gak ker nih?? kekeke.. :P

He likes his new room.. Asyik nak masuk main jer.. Penat mummy terus hilang.. :)) Can you hear the beats, fellas?? :P

Thank you sensei Hanim.. We love you!! :)) Say Thank you teachers, a must, as teachers prayers for the students pun very very very crucial.. :) Thank you again.. :)

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