Monday, March 26, 2012

When he decided to be an architect (kekeke) and Hessa just love her flower.. :))

Hi all, woke up this morning, and Aidan came to me and sang me a Birthday Song.. Oh blessed! :)) Yes BIG 31.. Oh man! kekeke.. :P

Okay, this entry and coming 2 entries are all about how we spent our 2 days weekends.. Full of pictures, oh yeah, sebab we were still excited over the activities that we did together at home.. :))

But first, yesterday, we decided to bring the kids to KJ, and got to spend our quality time with my in laws, Achik Ita, and Asu.. Later, daddy brought us to Kizsports and Gym, Empire and went straight home as we had promised the kids to let them enjoy their pool in the evening.. Both were so excited!! I was overwhelmed to see my dear Hessa, playing with Dan Dan in the pool.. Oh my, she is definitely my big girl now.. :)) How i just love her.. Love her!! And Dan Dan too.. :P kekeke..

Nothing much, just their pictures.. my 2 little rascals.. :))

Oooohhh, Aidan just love wooden blocks.. He loves it.. and he loves the idea of building something out of them.. Ehem, "house for mummy".. *As he said last night.. kekeke.. Scroll down to see my new upcoming house.. Perhaps in 30 years time.. kekeke.. :))

Hessa, observing Aidan and sometimes nak langgar2 abang.. Aidan kept on telling her not too.. But adik buat muka selamba and tak bersalah.. kekeke.. :P

Nope, not my house.. Ini trial sessions first.. kekeke.. :)

Loving the idea of using the blocks to teach him on 'Colors'.. Sebab kalau seriously ajar, he would find them broing, so before he build something, mummy said, "aidan separatekan dulu all the colors, lagi senang" and i showed him first, and sekerat jalan, he followed.. But, Aidan baru kenal 2 colors - Yellow and Red, tuh pun kalah dia rajin nak menjawab kalau ditanya.. Huh! :P

Love this pic.. Hessa trying out Dan Dan's toys.. Yer, toys yang lama2 but still nampak baru, sebab mummy mmg particular sikit.. Kena jaga and sayang toys yer.. So, jimat. kekeke.. :P

Oh, we did some wall decorations.. This one on Fish.. :))

At Tokma's.. Hessa is still enjoying March.. Her birth month.. hehehe.. :))We share the same birth month.. Oh yeahhh.. :))

Aidan with Achik Ita.. :))

Their fun time.. :)) Aidan nak fly like a bird.. :))

And roar like tigers.. :P

How sweet.. She loves outdoor activities.. :))

Sun tanning, anyone?? :P

I am so sleepy, mummy.. kekeke.. Boleh tak, macam ni?? Ayoyoyo..

To complete their fun day, popsicle each.. Okay, dah flu balik.. Hmmmmm..

Jeng jeng jeng.. Yes, that is my house!! Kekeke.. I was so shocked to see it, as at first Aidan just stacked the blocks, tinggi2, and mummy said "macam mana mummy nak masuk rumah ni??" and asked him to follow the pic on the box, and he did just that!! His creative mind worked pretty well last night.. Alhamdulillah.. :))

In 30 years time, darling.. Kekekeke.. :P

And he did some tower too.. And went "Oh yessss!" Okay, he even asked me to snapped this pic.. kekeke..

So, mummy gave him a present.. I made him a robot for being such a big heart kid.. :))

... and flower for Hessa for being just plain sweet.. :))

Before we bid the room goodbye, he insisted for his Po (KungFu Panda) to drive him around.. kekeke.. Tak tau nak duduk mana la tu.. kekeke.. :))

He loves Kungfu Panda!! :)) So so so MUCH!! :))

Love Sunday!!

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