Friday, March 30, 2012

Sesame Street Book and Thomas, the Choo choo train for the kids!

Thank you Aunty Fina!!

Thank you.. Thank you to both Aunty Fina and Uncle Afif for the gifts! Hessa got a Sesame Book for her birthday, and Aunty Fina also got Aidan Thomas and Friends choo-choo train.. Thank you again! It was nice to see both of you last week! :))

We just LOVE them all, aunty! And we LOVE YOU!!

Thomas for Aidan and SS book for adik.. Thank you!

Helping adik unwrapped her gift..

In love with books, and homework.. Hehehe.. He would ask for his homework like everyday.. :)

Admiring their gifts.. :)

Interesting, indeed.. :))

This is for mummy.. She got this fridge magnet for me, from London.. How nice.. :))

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